Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Little Autumn Adventure

A couple of weeks ago myself and 2 colleagues headed to the railway and travelled way up north to Scotland.  It took all day to get to our eventual destination.  First stop en route though was a lovely afternoon tea in Glasgow and a little bit of shopping (they have a Hermes inside House of Fraser;-))!

We went to the Cup Tea Lounge in Renfield Street and were not disappointed.  Just be aware that you only have your table for 90 minutes and you will be fine!  Now the Scots are noted for their sweet tooth so the goodies did not let them down:-

The stylish interior of the
Cup Tea Lounge
The well stocked bar and note the Victorian tiles.
A cool flute of prosecco.

The dinkiest of milk bottles which you can buy 
in the shop, although I don't take milk!

The cake tier - vanilla cup cake, lemon possett, 
meringue, fruit loaf and shortbread.  The fruit loaf 
was so moist it was divine!  I just wish one had 
been allowed to choose the cup cake given the 
selection they offer in the shop - see below.
The yummy sandwich selection - hot smoked 
salmon, ham, egg,served on brioche rolls.

Plain and fruit scones brought to you warm from 
the oven with the signature jam of the Lounge, 
whipped and clotted cream.
The non afternoon tea - my friend had a ham 
sandwich/toasty served with a lovely fresh salad.

And I think my friend's cup cake was caramel - yum!
The cup cakes you can choose from to eat
in or take away!
This is making me feel hungry!

You can check out the fabulous range on their website

The main street in Glasgow - 
Buchanon St where all the big shops are.

A stunning peacock sculpture graces one
of the shop fronts.

We really enjoyed our stop over in Glasgow 
and I will definitely revisit Glasgow soon!  But we 
had to go for our next train to take us far up North......

Monday, 22 September 2014

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

You may have seen the amazing poppy installation at The Tower of London in the press or on TV.  Well I have been to see it first hand several times and last Saturday I was lucky enough to get a volunteer place helping to plant the poppies.  It was a great experience and great to have been part of this evolving sculpture.  I will be helping again in October but I wanted to share some photos.  There is huge interest in the installation with loads of people coming to see the sight.  Each poppy represents 1 British or Colonial fatality in World War 1 - 888246 poppies will be planted with the final one being planted on 11 November 2014.

The Exhibition info plaque.  It is possible to buy the poppies and some of the proceeds will go to help 6 charities connected to the armed forces.  I have ordered mine - you can visit the website as shown on the plaque to buy your poppy -

This is my favourite bit by the entrance to the Tower

This was in August
Now in September the moat is filling up fast!

Path to the mound from where the 
Roll of Honour is read each evening
at sunset and the Last Post is played.

A view from the moat at the end of my shift.

We were allowed to walk around the whole 
installation so this is the bit by Cradle Tower.

A poppy 100% assembled 
and planted by me!

My patch.  I think I planted about 
25 poppies and spent the rest 
of the time assembling rods.

One of the ceramic poppies ready to plant.
The work area ready for the volunteers! Each 
shift has to plant 6000 poppies to be on target 
for 11 November.

A view in August.  
It is amazing how quickly work is progressing. 

The view is really quite stunning.

The idea for this sculpture/installation is 
beyond clever imho!

The poppies are planted at varying heights for effect.  This is best seen from ground level.
Here you can appreciate the numbers!
That said they are only half way 
at 450,000. 
As I left I took this photo from Tower Bridge and the 3 tongues you can see are where I was working.  I can't wait to do another shift and I am so grateful to have been part of this wonderful project.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

New York Souevnier Part 2

So now I have 2 De La Mer au Ciels - you can see the first one here and wearing it here - I hope you will quickly see why I had to have the 2 cws - they are very different.  I have to say that navy blue and I go well together it is "my" true colour  - I don't know what it is but whenever I wear the navy (as opposed to my beloved pink) something just clicks and looks so right.  Do you have a colour that clicks for you?
Anyway let's see the new scarf in action:-
Simple bias diagonal fold and drape.

And on the opposite diagonal fold.

Half Ascot Knot

Half bow knot using a scarf ring

Equestrian look secured with scarf ring 
in MoP which matches perfectly both in 
colour and being a material from the sea!

Equestrian tied with Half Ascot Knot.

And same again on the other diagonal....totally 
different look!

Friendship Knot.

Another look at the blue diagonal drape!

Now tied/secured with my silver ring.

And then the by-pass "knot" using 
the ring as shown below

By pass knot - not really a knot but pass 
the ends of the scarf on the horizontal 
through the ring which lies sideways 
for this look.

The Butterfly Knot made with the ring.

The blue side  for another half bow knot.

Cossack - blue side.

Cossack grey side.

Cowboy blue side - secured with 
MoP scarf ring.

Cowboy with ends left loose.

Shoulder wrap with butterfly knot.

Another shoulder wrap.

And the above knot pulled to the side for 
a classy look.

Scarf draped - folded on the square.

And the same square fold drape on 
another side of the scarf.

 This scarf certainly is versatile and I have a 
feeling it will work with lots of other colours.  
I think this is another neutral a bit like the 
La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent in the 
neutrals that I have.  SO glad I got this one!