Saturday, 18 July 2009

Half Ascot Knot

Welcome to My Little Scarf Blog!

Here is my video of how to tie a Half Ascot Knot, using an Hermes Carre en Carre Pointu scarf.

Do a basic fold with your scarf first then you are ready to follow the video - you will need to practice a few times until you get "the knack"!


  1. love this video - you look beautiful and I am off to try with my first pointu! No idea there was enough fabric for the basic bias fold lol. congrats on starting your blog,



  2. Congratulations! The how to guide did the trick for me - I hope many others will feel the same way.

    Welcome to the blogger side of life ;-)

  3. Great video and congrats on starting your blog! Looking very much forward to your future posts. xx

  4. Thank you for the encouragement - I am thinking what else I can put on the blog!

  5. Scarf addict, more help with knots please. Love your videos!


  6. This how-to video is so fabulous and helpful - thank you. I hope you will do some more for other scarf knots - so much easier to see it done rather than try to decipher written notes. Much appreciated :-) Thank you.

  7. Thank you 880 and AAN - if you have a specific knot you want done let me know and I will see what I can do - I think the 2 I have posted are the ones I use most. So glad you are finding these helpful:-))

  8. Dear Scarf Addict!
    Thanks for showing what Half Ascot means - I did not have an idea that I know how to knot it! In fact we used to knot our pioneer ties like that (memories from distant past :0) And frankly due to the same memories being shared by the whole country I am still embarassed to use the knot - I wonder how much time should pass the connotations to get erased...

  9. Thank you adesigna - glad to ahve clarified what the knot is! Not sure how long you should leave, but if you like wearing it why worry?!