Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010!

Just seeing out 2009 and seeing in 2010 with a lovely new Hermes scarf - Brides Rebelles.  I just love the colour on this scarf it really pops!

Pleated Frills with Half Ascot and plain single knot (thank you to my tpf friend you know who you are!) This style really shows off the contrast border and hem to great effect.

Half Bow Knot with Fur Collar

A Berlin Knot - well that's what I like to call it!!

With a scarf ring

A Friendship Knot

Here's to a happy new year CHEERS!!


  1. Simply stunning!! How did you do knot no.2, it looks amazing!

  2. Hello MT - sorry I only just saw your question now!! "Knot" no2 is very easy - just a pleat the scarf then put it around your neck and "tie" in a single knot and frill it out - it is so simple yet so effective - all credit to our lovely tpf friend R**ee. HTH x

  3. This is a BEAUTIFUL color scarf!!! I want it!!! :)))

  4. How can I fold it like the first one??? Can you teach me? Please....

  5. How do you tie the Berlin knot, please?

  6. Janice - sorry I idn;t see your comment unitl now - I will work something out for you. SA:-)

    Pamela - likewise I will work on getting a how to done - I have to remember how I did this first though - I THINK I know what I did LOL, SA:-)