Sunday, 12 June 2011

London - Trooping The Colour

Well I had a little time to spare on my trip to the ballet yesterday and seeing as it was Trooping The Colour day (celebrating the Queen's "official" birthday) I headed to The Mall as it was not far from the theatre.  There were lots of people there.
Here is the view from Admiralty Arch.

I only managed to see the back of Kate and Camillas' heads LOL!  I could see Kate was wearing white and a black hat, but I was not able to get any photos myself so here is one from the Daily Mail.
Matching style: Camilla and Kate on their way back from Trooping the Colour
I could just make out Prince Harry by his bright blue beret and I could see Princess Eugenie, I completely missed the Queen and the others because of so many people pushing in the crowd.  (Photo: Daily Mail)
Cheeky smirk: Prince Harry sat opposite Kate in the coach on the way to the ceremony
Here you can see some of the officers riding by in the procession.

Here I managed to get a wobbly photo of the back of royals that rode behind the Queen - I think that the one with the blue sash just beneath the blue flag is Prince Charles and I can just make out Prince William's horse's tail LOL!
Here is slightly better pic of the procession of Life Guards/Household Cavalry. 

My photos are not good at all so I apologise for that but I hope those I have posted some from the newspapers show better what I missed!  It was still nice to have been there and maybe next year I will go specifically for the event and get there early to secure a better place - like at the front not the back!!


  1. I stood to see the Queen on her last Jubilee tour (really just because my daughter got a day off school if we wanted to go) and when HMtheQ arrived I got COMPLETELY OVEREXCITED! She is so fab! I will deffo be grabbing a spot on the Mall for the big one next year.

    Love all those gorgeous Guards and horses too. All this and ballet too - a good day out! xxx

  2. Yes it was good day out Mrs Exeter - I hope to go to the summer opening of BP this year and next - so much to see in the exhibitions - like Kate's wedding dress, the Queen's Faberge and next year all her diamonds WOW!!! SAx

  3. Your post caputures the esprit of this great event so well, thank you for sharing!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time SA... even from a distance. Your travel posts are always fun. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. Yes it was a bit of fun SMR! You HAGW too, SA:-)