Sunday, 13 May 2012

It Comes To He Who Waits!

Well I finally got my hands on the ultimate Hermes scarf!  I am such a lucky scarf addict.  I was up early one Sunday morning recently and I was trawling Ebay and there it was with a Buy It Now option!  That mouse was clicked faster than you can say Jack Robinson.  Anyway this is the one I have waited and waited and waited for so here it is in all its glory - as this is a real piece of treasure for me and it is in brand new/unworn condition it is not being worn or modelled - apologies!

You guessed - Napoleon in Pink!

One of Ledoux's designs.

Depictions of Napoleon's life adorn the scarf.

The bee jacquard close up.

Details on the sash.

Even the soldiers are painted 

into the background.


  1. Clapping for you !
    For me Napoleon is the all time greatest H scarf and has never been bettered .
    Having said that, I'm 'resting' my orange/red one for a while . I had it cleaned at Hermes as I was afraid the colour may run , and haven't worn it since .
    I do think of buying another colourway , though none of the issues really speak to me I do love the white one , but fear it won't look great on me ..
    Hope your new beauty will get to be modelled soon!

  2. Thank you Estrella - I was really lucky to find this and was delighted when it arrived. I have a navy one as but always coveted the pink! Happy to be a Napoleon cousin with you too! SA:-)

  3. Yes! clapping here too, it is lovely,I have only seen the navy one. My sister owns it. I often peruse EBay for H scarves but am not confident enough yet to buy from the site. I'm with Estrella also, model it soon please.


  4. Thank you Connie - well I might model it but not at present I am in a clumsy phase I keep spilling and dropping things LOL! Ebay is fine once you get used to it the main thing is knowing what to look for to make sure things are genuine - I think it is possibly better for buyers than sellers protection wise. SA:-)

  5. Congrats from my corner too :)! As I have been busy these days, opening your blog site brought a smile to my face today - you are a lucky lady! How nice to find something you have wanted for so long a while! I know the feeling, and still remember when you told me that I should be patient only. Congrats on your beautiful scarf! H.

    1. Ahh that is lovely thank you...hope you have found your grail too! I think I've been waiting about 4 years to find this one! SAx

  6. This is gorgeous - I've never seen it before. What year was it released? I love all the detail you've highlighted and the c/w looks really wearable. Don't you just love those bees - Farrow and Ball do a gold bee wallpaper just like that an I'm sorely tempted!

    Thanks for following me, by the way. Do I know your sister? xxx

    1. Hello Mrs E! I am not sure of the issue dates for Napoleon, but I know they were LAST issued in the 1990s - maybe 1992? I can research it and find it as it is pretty well documented somewhere. I think my sister follows, and I think has commented on, your blog (PP). The wallpaper sounds fun too! SA:)

  7. Congratulations! I'm always in awe of those who KNOW what they're looking for and so happy for those who then find.

    My forays into eBay and the resale market are like a child throwing a string line attached to a coathanger hook into a pond (and hoping to pull out a pike!!). I'm still new enough to H, at least, to be reactive rather than proactive.

    If I see something that spikes my interest, I'll watch it and mull it over: I wouldn't have been able to BIN as I wouldn't have been sure - but, well done you!

    Hope you had a good break in Berlin.....something for another post?

  8. Hi PW - thanks glad you like. it gets easier as you get used to it! Yes Berlin was goo d- weather was a lot warmer too :-)) Will do a post but off to Paris for a day trip - can't wait! SAx

  9. Thank you Silver Bunny - it took years but was worth it! SA:-)