Sunday, 10 February 2013

Penelope Pitstop's Birthday Scarf!

You may or may not know but "PP" is my sister and when we went to Paris last September she fell in love with a rather beautiful scarf at Christian Dior on Avenue when it came to PP's special birthday late last year I could not resist treating her to the scarf, which I was lucky to find on my Berlin trip so here is PP's birthday scarf - pictures by me but scarf modelled by PP:-

The white trademark Dior bag.....

inside it a Dior box and ribbon......

white tissue conceals the contents........
Lovely rich pinks and browns.....
Here you can see the design - a Dior Lady 
and roses...

The Lady close up.
Corner detail shows the roses

Folded on one diagonal gives mainly browns
and cream.

The other diagonal gives the pinks - 
another 2 in 1 scarf!

Friendship Knot - we had fun 
tying that LOL!

An a-symmetric Half Ascot Knot

A simple single knot.

Just worn draped around the neck - not 
quite cowboy.

The ends tied cowboy style.

The same just from a bit further back - the
great with the cashmere sweater!


  1. Love it! It's fun to see yourself how others see you. LOVE my scarf, thanks again for one of many FAB presents.


  2. PP & Scarf addict, what a gorgeous Dior scarf!

    Lovely neutrals with splashes of colour, Dior do colour so well. I am going to look at Dior again, I haven't seen much from Hermes this season and Dior have such lovely boutiques.

    PP enjoy you r lovely scarf, I am sure you will!

    Elle xx

    1. Hi Elle - Dior definitely don't so scarf designs on the scale of Hermes but what they do do are very nice and I much prefer the service too. Certainly Ave Montaigne could not be nicer to deal with and it makes such a difference! I still prefer that shop to any other Dior! Hoping to go soon to see the Cherie Bow stand at Ave M too LOL! SAxx

  3. What a beautiful scarf; I have fallen in love with it too!

    1. Hi Patricia - hope you are good - yes I was surprised by this scarf - it did not look much in the display cabinet but when PP tried it on it looked so fab and now we have played with it as well we found it really is a 2 in 1 as well. Double value for the money ;-) Maybe you can find one? SAxx

  4. Oh, I didn’t know PP is your sister! You are so lucky to be able to share your scarf passion with your sister. Lovely sisters! Your birthday present for PP is so beautiful. I love its rich brown and pink too. And its versatile design is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Iris - LOL I think PP has caught a little of my addiction....the colours are delightful and I was amazed at how rich it was once PP got it out of the cabinet and tried it on. I was very relieved to find the same scarf in Berlin so I could surprise PP for her birthday! SAxx

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  6. What beautiful colors! The scarf is excellent :-)
    How nice of you to treat your sister to something so lovely - you & your sister must be best friends :-)
    All the best from freeeeeeezing cold Vienna :-)

    1. Hi Happyface - Gruss Gott!!! Oh Vienna is one place I really want to visit but I can imagine how cold it is at the moment!! I was just in Venice for carnival and it was cold there too! I am glad you like the scarf it is a lovely colour combination. Viele Grusse aus England! SAxx

  7. Hello! What a wonderful blog! You seem to know a lot about luxury scarves and I want to ask something that just popped into my mind... I bought a scarf from Dior boutique in London but didn't get a box... They just wrapped some paper around the scarf and I didn't even think about the box! But what do you think, did they "forget" to give the box, do they save the environment :) or why was my expensive scarf wrapped in paper?

    1. Hello Anon - and thank you glad you like the blog. I have had exactly the same issue with Dior in Harrods last year. I bought a 70cm and they wrapped it in tissue and put it in an envelope - I waited ages for this too! Anyway I was annoyed and it kept niggling me so I went back to Harrods the next time I was in London (with my receipt) and I asked the SA if I could please have a box as I am collector and stack the scarves in their boxes. She disappeared behind the cash-desk and immediately came back with a box in a bag for me no problem at all. I suggest you go back and say you want a box - the scarves not exactly cheap so a box should be forthcoming and Dior are usually quite particular about making you happy - something Hermes could learn from them!! Good luck - do let me know how you get on! SAxx