Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lucky Find

A while back in April I went to Holland to see the bulbfields again and at Schipol Airport on my way home there was nothing I saw in the 90cms that I liked.  However, just as I was leaving "something" made me look over to the men's department and low and behold there was the very scarf I had given up hope of ever finding....
The orange bag...

The orange box....

Just a sneak peek....

Ta da C'est La Fete! The photos do not show how 
lilacy blue the colour of the scarf is IRL, it is a 
really lovely shade of lilacy blue grey with stronger 
lilac tones in the central design.  For a really 
interesting look at the possible interpretations of 
the scarf design head over 
here to this article on the Purse Forum

The centre detail...

A lovely blue rose..

Not sure you can see but lots of tassels
dangle from the saddle

The Title

The disappearing Hermes caleche logo.



The copyright

The title and the breaking horse bit.

Another pretty rose.

Here you see 2 more skeleton horses/unicorns

The vital info on the scarf.

Basic cowboy.

Equestrian look well matched with my MOP 
scarf ring.

Half Bow made with scarf ring

Looped through scarf ring.

Hope you like the new scarf.  


  1. Congrats! How very lucky...I have the same cw as well.

    1. Hi CWS thank you and great to be CLF twin with you!! SA:-)

  2. What a lucky find - and I really like this scarf very much. The colour combination sounds very appealing even if photographs do not do it justice. Sometimes the best items pop up when we least expect them!

  3. I meant to stop by sooner and got distracted, sorry!

    LOVE IT! What a lucky find too... I think this colourway is particularly nice.

    It's been SO hot - but I must "scarf it up!" - might even try a scarf top!!


    1. Thanks PP - yes it is way too hot for scarves at present but I miss them! SAx

  4. It is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on such a lucky find,I am very envious.

    Kirin in Montreal

    1. Thank you Kirin, and thank you for stopping by. SA:-)

  5. I think this may be my favourite scarf. I bought it in a few colour ways;and I love the dip dye version,

  6. beautiful scarf - very special indeed enjoy x

  7. *Swoon* That is simply stunning.