Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Carnevale de Venise

As promised some photos of the carnival people in Venice - the majority are French and German rather than Italian!  I think some of the costumes are just amazing and so many are hand made - very clever people!!  Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!  (If you click on the photos you can view the photos a bit bigger if you want to see the detail.)
This is one of my favourite couples and photos

Lady in red.

These people made their costumes
themselves - truly a work of art!

This guy wore a Peacock outfit last 
year but this year he was a Phoenix or
Firebird and his costume was HUGE 
and very heavy!

I loved this colourful costume 
and it was so simple too!

Awww I love this guy I have seen him 
many times over the years he plays 
classical music on his radio and
always charms the ladies with his
red rose!

The very grumpy "Marie Antoinette"
I don't know why she bothers if 
it makes her so grumpy!  
This year in green.
My most favourite couple of all - 
they go every year and always 
look amazing.

This cheeky jester is there every 
year too - always climbing up on 
walls which makes for a good photo!

This lady was beautiful in her costume.

A frilly pair!  Simple but very effective.

This headdress was lovely with 
its dolls.
A closer look at the clock couple! 
Note the glitter filled egg timer 
on the doll's head to the right!

A foxy lady - this year's theme 
was nature/animals.
The costumes were huge 
and no doubt heavy!
Beautiful blues and golds.
A cheeky jester.
And another - I really liked this colourful costume.
Parasols and mirrors make for interesting photos.

A very elegant lady in pink.

A wistful look in purples.
Some German chaps donning 
uniform very smart they were too!

And one more lovely hat and mask.

I hope you likey....the carnival dogs are next!


  1. Love the pictures! And it's my favorite Hermes scarf design, too.

    1. Hi Poppy B - I love that scarf too! Glad you like the photos SA:-)

  2. Your photos are beautiful.

    How wonderful the costumes must be in real life.


    1. Thank you Margaret - the costumes are works of art IRL they must take ages to design and create! I want one!! SA:-))

  3. These are amazing, and stunningly beautiful. I had no idea such Carnival costumes were still worn in today's world!

    1. Hi Patricia. Believe it! These are just a few - some of them like the Phoenix guy are huge too! I am just in awe of the time and effort these people must put into making their costumes - last year one of the ladies gave me her card (so I could email my photos of her to her which is what they like as they can't take many pics of themselves as they are posing) and she told me about a circuit of carnivals and they tour Europe (mainly France/Belgium) going to lots of carnivals not just Venice - it's another world! SAx