Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Venice Souvenir

In Venice I found exactly what I was looking for:-

Yes a Maxi Twilly

Brides de Gala

Top side pink

Under side black

The pink side has a less intense pattern

Whereas the black is a lot more busy.  
A great combo I think you will agree and very good value!

Now my modelling shots were taken in a hurry 
so please forgive the slightly untidy look!  First up a bow.

Simply wrapped around the neck and ends 
secured with scarf ring

A bow using the black side

A Maxi Twilly Triple Knot in the black (how to here)

And in pink.

Here I gave the scarf a twist at the 
back to get one side in each colour.

Bow as before using both colours

Here I folded the scarf in half 
length ways and then used a 
shawl ring to secure for a shorter 

Just a wrap around and single 
knot to tie.

The Hermes window in Venice with a 
beautiful scarf I VERY much covet!!


  1. Hi there, discovered your blog a little while ago and greedily read your past posts and admired all your lovely scarves, really like the way you show your scarves tied in so many different ways so glad you are still blogging. This Maxi Twilly looks divine on you, adore the pink and also genius that it has a black side too - two for one, I can almost persuade my husband that buying one would be an economy measure...

    1. Hello and welcome Blighty so glad you enjoy the blog - when I am blogging! Yes this MT is great value more so than the other colourways which are not so contrasting. I see from TPF that Hermes will issue MTs in Carre en Carre for AW14 so that is definitely on the wish list!! SA :-)

  2. This twilly looks very adorable and very versatile. I must check with my closest store for availability as soon as it opens - I like it truly much.
    (You have a lot of luck on your travels, I am not so lucky and rarely find a piece I am looking for. Good for you.)
    Hugs, Maria

    1. Hi Maria - I hope you can find one it is really good value and a better contrast than the other cws of this design! I don't always find what I want honest! Sometimes it takes a lot of searching but this time I was lucky first time - I think there are some cws on at present. SAx

  3. Gorgeous Twilly, I would love to wear that! My trip to Venice this month has been postponed for medical reasons, but I hope to go in September. Would you mind sharing where you found the twilly in Venice, if it is not a Secret? xxx

    1. Hi Patricia - sorry hear the trip is postponed but September in Venice will be lovely - you might even see the Regatta Storica if there the 3rd weekend I think it is. Anyway I got the Maxi Twilly at the Hermes store in Venice just off St Marks Square (the Museo Correr end). Hope that helps. SAx

  4. Saw your post yesterday, loved the MT, called local Hermes boutique, they had it & held for me, went today & bought it!
    (which pattern & color way is the scarf in your picture of the Hermes window?)

    1. Oh my goodness I DID enable you then! Congrats on getting the Maxi Twilly - it really is the most versatile of all the cws on offer. The scarf in the window is De La Mer au Ciel cw 08. It's TDF;-) SA

  5. Posting this much belatedly as I only now realize that we both came back from Venice with a hot pink scarf (your MT and my Au Coeur de la Vie, which I was wearing in NYC)! I can't wait to see your other reveals on the blog...

    1. Hi Sophie - yes hot pink seems the in colour! I will get to the reveals ....eventually! Sorting the photos takes soooo much time! SAx

  6. it is beautiful!! enjoy