Thursday, 25 December 2014

Scottish Trip Souvenir

Well as I hinted I did get a souvenir from my trip to Oban, albeit  I bought it in Glasgow at the House of Fraser department store.  One orange bag....

The SA kindly gave me some freebies/samples as well!

A snippet of what lies inside the box...

The designer signature.

Zebra Pegasus - MaiTai has the same cw and when I saw it I was enabled!

The full design.

Basic fold.

Half Ascot Knot

Half bow knot with scarf ring.

Basic slide knot with scarf ring.

Friendship Knot

Full view of Friendship Knot.

Cowboy tied with moyenne scarf ring.


Asymetrical fold secured with ring.

Square fold drape.

Shawl ring used here to secure square fold.

Basic slide with Grande scarf ring.

Half bow with Grande scarf ring.

Equestrian secured with moyenne scarf ring.
Hope you like my new scarf.  I adore the pink!


  1. Spectacular! Love love love this...xx

    1. Hi Patricia - Thank you! Hope you are having a lovely Christmas! Best wishes to you and yours, SAxx

  2. I love it Scarf Addict, and your pink cardigan matches it perfectly. Am very jealous as I was secretly lusting after this colourway, I dragged my poor hubs to Hermes New Bond St for birthday scarf purchase but they did not have this colour; after much agonising I got the darker pink/maroon combo which I think suits my colouring better but I still experienced a twinge when I saw yours. Happy Christmas Mrs SA!

    1. Hi Blighty- thank you! Oh what a shame - they had this cw in New York last week and they are cheaper to buy there than UK! Still if your cw suits your skin tone better then I am sure it looks great on you! Hope you are having a lovely Christmas. Best wishes SAxx

  3. This cw was made for you, SA! Congratulations on such an excellent choice. Thanks for showing all of the knots as well.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you Cynthia! It was lucky I also had the pink cardigan on when I bought it - that swung it for me! Merry Christmas SAx

  4. What a versatile scarf with all the knots - Love it, looks great with your pink top too!


  5. Lovely scarf on you. A question: I am considering purchasing a shawl this year, but have seen some things online claiming that the quality is not as good as in years past. I have an older shawl I got on eBay. It's very nice. Have you heard that the quality of cashmere shawls at Hermes is suffering? I'm just wondering if they're worth the price. thanks! Ronnie

    1. Hi Ronnie, thanks for stopping by! Yes I too have read that Hermes cashmere shawl quality is not what it used to be there is/was a thread on TPF about this very problem. I own 2 shawls which were recent editions so I cannot comment as I have no experience of older GM shawls. I personally think they are very expensive for what they are so the decision is how much wear will you get out to them? SAx