Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Colour Purple

So today was a lovely sunny spring day (if very windy) and my crocuses were really enjoying the sun. This lead me to get out my NYC souvenir....

A trip to Madison Avenue yielded this.
The 2014 Christmas box sleeve -always glad to get one of those!

Not an AW14/15 scarf...

Le Pegase D'Hermes - just one sitting in the cabinet.

The  scarf features line drawings in a design style.

And has flashes of bright colours

The beautiful wing of Pegasus

Cossack style.
I had quite a bit of trouble finding jumpers to match
this scarf and now wonder if it was a mistake to buy
this particular cw...

A-symmetrical style (sorry about the pink it does NOT go!)

Simple basic fold secured with scarf ring. 

Single knot folded neatly into lilac cardigan.

Half Ascot Knot

Butterfly Knot - basic fold secured
with ring and pulled.

Half bow knot.

Basic slide 

Double twist knot.

Cowboy knot.

Cowboy knot/cossack combo.


  1. That is a beautiful scarf, and thank you for all the styles. I wish I could remember them all! It looks really pretty with the lilac cardigan.

    1. Thank you Patricia - hopefully the blog can jog your memory! SAxx

  2. I love this scarf but this colour is difficult to wear! Amitiés.Véronique

  3. Congrats on your find, dear! I love finding our of season scarves hidden in the drawers. As for the colors, I have a Cavalcadour in a similar palette - it's not the easiest to pair, but it does look great with brown and some greys.

    1. Thank you Sophie G thank you for the tips of colour pairings they sound good will try them out!. SAxx

  4. I have this scarf in the same colorway. Sophie is right with her suggestion of gray. Try it with charcoal gray, navy, medium blue, khaki, and white. I do agree with you regarding the difficulty of trying to match it to a purple, which is why I wear mine solely with neutrals. I've never regretted the purchase of this scarf. I hope that once you play with LeP more, that you will love yours as well.

    1. Oh thank you Cynthia that is good to know! I will definitely try these out. Thanks for taking the time to give me your tips too! SAxx

  5. Hello SA, many congrats on acquiring this gorgeous violet Pegase - special edition for the opening of the Short Hills boutique in 2011. For some unknown reason the scarf (together with another papaya colourway) became available on the US H site between the end of 2014 and early 2015, and I snapped up one, too. Your knots are such great inspiration, thanks so very much! I'll try to copy all of them... Your purchase is definitely NOT a mistake - you wear it so well. And by the way, this cw goes really well with navy ;) Best regards, Cecilia

    1. Thank you Cecilia - I didn't know the scarf was a special. Glad you like the knots! I agree navy works well with the violet. Thanks again SAx