Friday, 14 August 2015

2015 Venice Carnival Part 1 of 2

Somewhat later than usual - here is a little travelogue from my annual "pilgrimage" to Venice for carnival.  You may recall that I had a fall in January in which I sprained my ankle badly so it made walking difficult - not easy in Venice!
Iconic views of Venice - 
Top: San Giorgio Maggiore, Left: Doges Palace, Right Grand Canal

Luckily my hotel annexe was full so I was accommodated in the main hotel so I did not have far to go for breakfast :-) and then the housekeepers kindly made my room up early so that I could go and rest my ankle after a few hours carnival viewing in the mornings.  Experience has taught me that the carnival people tend to come out in the the morning then retire for lunch and return again around 4pm so you can divide your time quite well.  Instead of sightseeing I had to rest my ankle this year.

Puss in Boots

There were of course the usual carnival regulars I have seen year in year our and it is always nice to see them again!
This chap is there most years and is very 
chivalrous with the ladies!

Marie Antoinette - she just gets moodier 
by the year - really!  
I think she should give it up if she's not happy.

It never ceases to amaze me how people create their costumes and it is always nice to see new and unusual ones.   You never know what you will see.  I was quite amused by this chap who decided to dress in some sort of homage to (Coco) Chanel!  The detail of his outfit was incredible.

Homage to Chanel

Of course you get some beautiful fantastical costumes such as these delightful ones -
Really pretty in beige and duck egg blue.

Turquoise harlequin patterns.

Fabulous extravagance in gold and purple!

Simplicity in black and very easy 
to transport I imagine.

As well as seeing the carnival people the sights of Venice are always lovely to see
Basilica San Marco

The Salute and a typical Venetian Canal and Gondola

Around the Rialto - Clockwise from left:- a beautiful Gondola,
the flooded market area, Grand Canal and The Rialto Bridge

One day on one of the vaporetto pontoons I saw a beautiful Little Egret up close. He seemed to favour this spot as I saw him there again another time!

Next time I will have a few more photos of the carnival people and the sights.


  1. Wonderful! So exciting to see your pictures this year, since we have now had our own trip to Venice, and can relate to the location of all your lovely photos. Carnival must be such a magical experience, and I do love the Coco homage...very droll :)

    1. Hi Patricia - well Mr Chanel has previously been a vampire! Quite scary looking too! Yes Venice is lovely....SAx