Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hermes FSH Windows November 2015

Oops I had forgotten that I was supposed to make this post - my apologies!  OK so on my way to the theatre to see the ballet I stopped off at Place de la Concorde and took a quick divert down Rue Boissy Anglais to the corner with FSH - it is always much easier photographing the widows at night which is why there is a slight yellow hue to the photos.

The scarfless Horseman atop Hermes HQ then one 
of the windows had a scale model of FSH complete 
with a horseman.  
Click on the photos to get a bigger view.

This is the large corner window which 
I found rather spartan this time. Not sure I even like it!

Around the corner some nicer windows showcased 
footwear, bags and clothing.  I rather liked the boots 
but alas Hermes only seem to cater for people with 
extremely skinny legs with which I am not blessed.  

Some darker coloured items against the scaffolding 
backdrop which I did not like at all.

Some nice blue things - and another nice pair of boots!

An equestrian window and one with diningware.
Not really the best windows Hermes have ever done but
I guess they have changed again by now!

Well that is the windows post - apologies again for the tardiness of posting it!
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and thank you for following my (intermittent) blog!


  1. I just had the best time catching up on your past posts and wonderful photos, thank you for sharing your adventures both scarf and travel, best wishes for 2016 xx

    1. You're very welcome Blighty! Happy New Year.SAx

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, SA. Hope 2016 is a great year for you.

    Does anything in the SS2016 catch your attention ?


    1. Hi Cynthia - I hate to say it but I have no idea what the SS16 design are! I haven't been reading TPF much lately so I guess I'll just see what turns up in the shops or I usually get sent the new scarf booklet...can't really buy too many now as I am not working at the moment and I do have rather a lot of scarves anyway!! Happy New Year! SAx

    2. Yes, I remember that you've been out of work for a while now. But sometimes it is good to take a break before looking again. It was for me, anyway, several years ago.
      I found the new designs by going to the H website. I don't speak Russian or Korean, but it seemed to me that the new scarves hit their sites first. So there I was, clicking away, hoping that the right click landed me into the section of scarves. The new Annie Faivre one is nice, but it reminds me very much of Au Coeur de la Vie, which I already own. Yes, ITA, you do have a lot of scarves! Beautiful ones at that! :-)

    3. Hi Cynthia - yes I have found some now! The prices have risen again everywhere too but its still a little cheaper to buy in Europe if you can. I know what you mean about similarities - I like a few designs and there is a lovely 70cm with a tree and butterflies on but it is too similar to my Bateau Fleuri to justify buying - same designer - similar to be special now to buy! SAx

  3. Yes, the window displays are rather strange, and have an unfinished look about them to me. However, I do love the blue boots and the black ethnic looking dress is interesting too. Happy New Year, Scarf Addict! xx

    1. Happy New Year Patricia! Yes I agree totally a VERY unfinished look indeed! Hope you have a Happy New Year SAxx