Sunday, 27 March 2016

Les Canyons Etoiles Bandana

So following on from the intro to the new bandana which you can see here I have done some photos of ways to wear it:-
A simple bias fold here secured with moyenne 
scarf ring and sliding both ends through the ring

Here I have done a slip knot using the 
moyenne scarf ring - that's securing one end 
of the scarf through the ring and then pulling 
the other loose end through the loop of the 

scarf rather than the ring itself.

Here I have made a half bow knot - as per the 
slip knot above, but fold the loose end 
in half and pull through the loop to make a 
bow, fan out to make a bow shape.  
This is one of my favourite ways to wear a 
scarf and very easy to do.
Here I tied a Half Ascot Knot and slid the scarf to the 
side - you can wear it to the side or centrally as 
shown below.

For this look I made a bias fold then put the scarf 
around the neck and brought the ends to 
meet in the front and secured them with a petite 
scarf ring - it is snug but warm, especially if you 
have a sore throat - they say silk is supposed to help cure it!

A simple cowboy look - fold scarf to make a 
triangle and tie at the back or use a scarf 
ring to secure.

Same again but shorter - I secured this 
one with a scarf ring and pulled the 
ends further through to shorten the look.
As above only I pulled the scarf round to the side - 
using a scarf ring for this loo allows the scarf to 
sit a bit flatter round the back/sides.

This was just a triangle secured at the front with my 
moyenne scarf ring for an easy to wear look.

Here I used the bias fold again, slipped a 
nice scarf ring on to the front and tied the 
scarf with a knot at the back - of course this 
would look much better over a polo neck 
rather than my open neck shirt but you 
get the idea!

Bias fold knotted in the middle and secured
with a knot tied at the back.

Here I made a butterfly knot from the bias folded scarf 
using a scarf ring which give s a nice puffy bow look.

I think you can see that with a bandana you can pretty much choose the same knots and bows as you do for 70cm or 90cm - just play around with it and see what you com up with!  Have fun playing!


  1. What a lovely and versatile scarf, love all the ways you have styled it. Happy Easter Scarf Addict!

    1. THank you Blighty. Happy Easter to you too, SA:-)

  2. Hi H, just back from first ever trip to Venice with Navy flamingo party as a souvenir. I see why you love it so. Xx Claire

    1. Hi - Oh I am just back from Milan myself - but I really feel the need to visit Venice as I didn't go to carnival this year! The new scarf sounds fab!!! Enjoy it, SAxx

  3. Love the way it pairs with your shirt- the open collar is fine!

    1. Thank you Megs, yes it worked ok with the collar! Sa:-)

  4. Oh, just lovely, SA. I love how this scarf looks so different when tied various ways. The half ascot is my favorite, and I like it paired with the navy polo shirt. Excellent purchase!

  5. A very nice scarf and even more versatile than I imagined! Very, very nice - I would need someone like you to assist me with the knots and support me to recognize scarf versatility and use them best. You recognize so much options in one scarf. Compliments!

    1. Thank you Maria, glad you like! Take care, SAx

  6. That's one lovely scarf! I have a few inexpensive silk scarves I'm wearing to keep warm in the spring, when there is often a bit of a chill in the air. I also use them to add some color to my wardrobe.

    1. Hi Debra - sounds great! Hopefully you can find some wearing ideas here. Best wishes SA:-)