Monday, 3 August 2009

Ex Libris

Butterfly Knot with scarf ring

Half Ascot Knot

Plain Knot


Just back from Amsterdam after a trip to see some ballet and the fabulous new Hermitage Amsterdam Museum - I highly recommend a visit to the current exhibition "At The Russian Court" - the exhibits were fantastic.
I could not go to a city where Hermes has a branch and not call by, so I popped by the one in Amsterdam - not intending to buy a thing - but then I caught sight of a rather good selection of gavroches so I had to go in. I have been after an Ex Libris for a while and they had 4 colourways. Anyway I whittled it down to between the black/navy/white and a purple and magenta one - I picked the purple. I was given a large box as they had no small ones left so now I have a single home for all my gavroches and they even gave me 3 super 15ml miniature perfumes which was a really nice treat!

Here are a couple of little pictures of the Mariinksy/Kirov at the end of Don Quixote - one of the happiest "sunshine" ballets I know.

And one cannot go to Amsterdam and not buy some lovely flowers so here is a close up of a lovely rose from a big bunch I bought.


  1. I love purple, ex-libirs and ballett - you can imagine how much I enjoyed that post. Thank you for sharing your private life with us.

  2. Thank you Vanmiracle - glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I saw the rose - and thought OMG what a beautiful scarf !