Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My Venice Collection

La Serenissima Venezia!
Who could fail to be seduced by the magic of Venice?  It is a magical place and holds a special place in many people's hearts.  I go to Venice every year at least once - it's part of my rountine now!
Venice February 2009
Of course Hermes has honoured Venice several times with it's designs - Carnevale de Venice/Fetes Venitiennes, Trophees de Venise I, Trophees de Venise II, Bissone de Venise, Rialto and Venise.
I have managed to collect a few scarves with a Venice theme and was thrilled to obtain a new 70cm vintage silk Rialto last year in Venice - it is a special edition just for the Venice boutique and is marked 2008.

Here are my Venice scarves:-
Rialto by Peron 70cm silk (Venice Hermes Boutique 2008 edition)
Rialto by Peron 70cm cotton SS09
Carnevale de Venise/Fetes Venitiennes 90cm silk - and these scarves have jacquard weave of mandolins and violins in the silk which you can just about make out in the 2 larger photos.
I hope you have enjoyed my little scarf trip around Venice - Ciao!


  1. Such beautiful memories! How funny I am just uploading my last venice holiday pics on my website.
    There could not be enough romantic Venice photographs. V.

  2. Yes it is a magical place - especially late at night when the crowds have gone and St Mark's Square goes quiet.

  3. Ah yes, I remember seeing the CWs when I visited your blog when I first started looking at H scarves and this design in particular. I have seen it in a mauve CW.In your opinion, having been to V several times, which CW most represents the actual colours of Venice?

    Maisie Sue

  4. Oooh that's a difficult question to answer Maisie!! Blue for the water and the sky maybe? I know the mauve the cw you mean and I would love to own that one!!