Saturday, 28 November 2009

Vintage Scarves - Part II

For the next instalment I thought I'd post my blue vintage scarves, so here we go!


Worn with a basic fold and simply thread ends through a scarf ring to give a tie look.

My next blue scarf is from the Mens' range at Hermes - The Parade - it is covered in lots of race horses leaving a H gap in the pattern - it has a lovely red and orange striped border.

Worn with a basic fold with the inner edges pinched and pulled through a scarf ring to give a frilly bow look.

and worn simply in a basic fold tied around the neck twice
and knotted discretely

Finally Expeditions Polaires Francaise in navy featuring those delightful Huskies! 

This scarf requires a bit of thought to get the huskies so they show!  So here I am wearing it cowboy style - triangle fold and tied at the front with the scarf pulled over the knot to hide it.

And secondly worn equestrian style simply tied with the scarf pulled out so it shows the pattern

Finally just worn in basic fold with scarf ring.
Hope you enjoyed the blue collection!


  1. Your blue collection is so beautiful Scarf Addict, thank you for sharing. Love the way you have tied the Brandebourgs, it shows the design to perfection!