Saturday, 14 November 2009

Vintage Silk Scarves

The 70cm x 70cm vintage silk scarves made by Hermes are probably my most favourite size of scarf, being small I sometimes feel I get lost in the 90cm ones!! The silk is much softer and more flexible than 90cm scarf silk and it even hand washes very well - Hermes do not recommend washing but I prefer it!  Hermes started to offer the 70cm size in 2007 and now each season they usually reissue some older designs and some new fresh designs in the 70cm size.  I already have my eye on a few of the SS10 designs.

Anyway inspired by a lovely lady on tpf here are a few of my 70cm scarves - lets see the black ones first....there'll be another instalment of another colour another time!

I bought this because I love military costume and as you can see from the far right of the photo I have it in blue too.  This one folds beautifully to show off the braid swirls on the corners.

Please Check In
I bought this scarf to reflect my love of travel - I thought the design was very clever by Dmitri Rybaltchenko.

PCI worn with a basic fold and pulled through a scarf ring.

Graphic Night

This purchase was inspired to 2 lovely tpf ladies - and because I love New York City - this is really a man's scarf and reflects the twinkling city skyscrapers at night and is covered in little Hermes "H"s and has a lovely red contrast hem.  I was lucky to get this as it was the last one at Hermes FSH!!

My GN worn cowboy style.


  1. Your Brandebourgs, mon Dieu!!!! Fabulous.

  2. I love the 70 cm size for the same reasons you list. They are so much softer.

  3. Yes Bonjour Madame I love the softer silk of the 70cm - I am always too impatient to wait for the 90cms to soften up!!

  4. I misspelled too many words!!
    Can you show us how to use a scarf ring? I do not have a scarf ring but I do have 4 Hermes scarves!!

  5. Lordfam, for the best advice on using a scarf ring check out this super blog which has lots of easy to follow instructions
    and of course The Purse Forum
    Hope these are helpful!
    You can use finger rings for scarf rings - I do all the time as long as they are smooth and have nothing catchy on them. UK size U is good for 90cm scarves and size P for 70cm scarves.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Beautiful 70 Vintage scarves, Scarf Addict! Love the way you've tied the 'Please check-in'. Looking forward to seeing the next instalment :-)

  7. 70 vintage little knot and


    D E V I N E!


  8. 70 vintage little knot

    and you're

    D I V I N E !


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