Sunday, 24 January 2010

My new Plisse!!

I was up in London last weekend and was thrilled when the SA at Bond St opened a drawer of plisses only to see a taupe Passage au Moscou starring at me - a colourway I had passed on twice before, so this time I made sure it came home with ME!!!  I have played around with it and here are some ways to wear a plisse:-

Simply wrapped from front to back, crossed over brought back to the front and tied in a Half Ascot knot

The Friendship Knot

Then a "knot" which I tie in the middle of the scarf then fan out to create the rounded bit at the front, take ends around the back of the neck and bring forward and tie in a knot inside the rounded bit.  It has no name as far as I know!

Short Flower Knot - take scarf from front to back, cross over at back and bring ends back to the front and use a scarf ring to create the Flower Knot effect.

Flower Knot - do one single knot, then just take a scarf ring and pull the edges of the scarf mid way down through the ring and pull to achieve this great look!

Then I did a Flower Knot without a single knot to start and just used the scarf ring alone which gives a bigger effect.

And finally if it is really cold out you can thread your plisse through a fur collar and tie with a flower knot/scarf ring as above!


  1. hello!! how are you??just popping by and saw your new pics! I have to say I never thought of putting a plisse in a friendship knot! what a great idea well done! it looks great, makes me think there may be other ways too that dont immediately (or ever in my case!!!) spring to mind - like flower knot too, fantastic!! im going to post a plisse pic on my blog too in your honour as you are hosting plisse day on tpf on fri 12th, joining in from afar lol!!! best wishes as always Mx

  2. Hello - such a gorgeous plisse and so many beautiful ways to show it off. I particularly love the Flower knot. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Glad you like the pictures/ideas ladies!!
    Have fun woth your plisses too!

  4. The Passage à Moscou makes a stunning Plissé, and as always you have tied is fabulously in so many different great ways. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You're welcome MaiTai but you helped me learn some of those knot techniques so thank you to you too!!