Sunday, 31 January 2010


I went to Amsterdam to catch a final glimpse of the At The Russian Court Exhibition at the Hermitage

- it was crowded and too busy to really enjoy it properly, but at least I got to see the fabulous Court dresses again with their amazingly intricate embroidery in silver and gold thread. 
(Photo credit and Reuters)

Beautiful evening gowns were displayed in circular cabinets 2 of which rotated every now and then when a clip from the ballroom scene in the film Russian Ark was shown on the walls.  Some of the dresses were by the Paris Fashion House Worth - I adore dresses by Charles Worth they really are something special and the dress below left with the dark green velvet bodice and cross over bow is Worth worn by the Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna.

(Photo credit  /Roger Webster)

Amsterdam was a bit grey and it rained a lot!

I was glad of a cup of tea at a restaurant and they had the cutest mini tea library I ever saw from which to choose my tea! 

I love Amsterdam's flower sellers and I bought some lovely tulips and roses to bring home - the tulips are so bright and cheerful!


  1. What a fun trip, I love Amsterdam too. The courtdresses are absolutely amazing, and what a teeny tiny waist everyone had!

  2. Thanks MT :-) the dresses were pretty amazing - and had such intricate embroidery - I really did not want to leave the rooms they were shown in!!

  3. The skies may have been dull but the stunning gowns and glorious flowers pushed the grey away. Thoses gowns must be something to see up close - oh the beauty in the details and I bet their weight is magnificent!


  4. Yes I am sure wearing one of those dresses would be quite tiring LOL!!