Friday, 12 February 2010

Plisse & Pleats Day

We are having a Plisse and Pleats Day on TPF today so I am wearing my new plisse that I was lucky enough to find on my trip to Venice this week.  The design is called La Legende du Poisson Corail and is by the designer Christine Henry.  The pattern represents a coral atol and lots of fish hiding in the reef - the shimmering water is represented by flecks of colour and each corner features a flying fish to symbolise the relationship between heaven and the sea.  I was not very fond of the desing in the flat but when I asked if the Hermes boutique had any pink plisses this is what the SA showed me and I loved it!

I am wearing the scarf in a flower knot today (first picture) but I tried out some other looks which I show below:

Friendship Knot

You can wear the plisse as a lovely shawl if you are going out in the evening - I fixed this again with a scarf ring in a small flower knot.  This shows of the circular design of this plisse really well too - IMHO!
And another flower knot - just to show how the knot never looks exactly the same each time you do it!!
Hope you found some inspiration!!


  1. Love the flower knot! I must try to learn how to do it, I have a plissé that doesn't get all the attention it deserves because I can't find the right knot for it

  2. Mary the flower knot is so simple to do you simply must try it out!! I was amazed the first time I did it - find a smooth ring like a wedding band, drape the scarf around your neck and just take the edge of each side mid way down and pull through the ring as far as it will go and hey presto the plisse curls up as in my photos. Have fun!!

  3. Dear H, I'll keep this pics to have some inspiration when I finally have my plissé. I tried Voyage en Etoffes at BA airport, its background was white, amazing!!!!

  4. What a gorgeous plisse and beautifully tied in each photo. I particularly love it as a shawl, something I didn't expect!


  5. Yes Maisie the plisses certainly lend themselves to lots of lovely looks. I have found you can do anything you can do with a flat scarf with a plisse - I love playing with mine to see what I can do LOL!!

  6. Hi Scarfie, I just saw your new Plisse and just falling in love with it. You showed me that the scarf works well with a turtleneck. I'm always in turtleneck since the weather in Seattle is damp (just like UK as I spent a couple of years going to school in Salisbury). Thanks for showing me all the wonderful tricks. You picked a wonderful color and of course the etoupe Plisse is growing on me !! You're too good !!

  7. Scarfie, it is CHKP and gtwdell is my other handle on Google in case you couldn't tell. :)
    Happy Friday !!

  8. Hi gtwdell - glad you found the photos useful - lovely to see you here!! I have been lucky with my plisse finds and I am really liking them a lot at the moment. Roll on spring/summer so I can wear them more...