Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bolshoi Ballet - 1

Over the last 3 weeks London was home to the world famous Russian ballet company The Bolshoi.  The 2010 London Season certainly showed a company on sparkling form.  I attened many performances and 2 in particular have left me truly stunned: Spartacus on 31 July and Don Quixote on 6 August.
The first visit I made was, however, to Serenade and Giselle a double bill.  Sadly the dancer originally cast for Giselle was Natalia Osipova, but was she switched to the opening night due to the injury of the leading ballerina Svetlana Zakharova, so instead I saw Anna Nikulina.  It was a nice performance but the reviews of Natalia Osipova's performance show that I missed the best one! Anyway I enjoyed it and that was the main thing - here a pic of Anna as Giselle with Alexander Volchkov as Albrecht.

The second ballet I saw was Spartacus, often referred to as the Bolshoi's "calling card".  It is a truly spectacular piece, especially when cast with the right dancers and I was lucky to see the young upcoming star of the Bolshoi, Ivan Vasiliev, in the title role - just 21 years of age he has taken to the role as if born for it and I am still incredulous at the height and speed of his jumps!  It was a real thrill to see Ivan in this performance and he brought the house down! 
In the photo you can see left to right: Nina Kaptsova who played Phrygia (Spartacus' wife), Ivan Vasiliev as Spartacus, Maria Allash as Aegina (Crassus' wife/partner)and Alexander Volchkov as Crassus (Spartacus' arch enemy).

I will post some more pics another time of the other shows I saw.


  1. It sure looks like you've had a very special time, the dancers are just outwordly in their elegance and grace. I have not been to a ballet soirée for ages, but you really made me want to go.

  2. Hello MaiTai! yes I had a ball - I really hope you can get to a performance in the new season - although it seems such a long time until the end of September!!

  3. Hi ScarfAddict! Wonderful pictures, I hope I can be in London very soon as DH are planning a little trip in fall, can't wait to be there and enjoy all the beauties that city usually offers! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ohh how wonderful, I am sure you will find some lovely things to do in London!! SAx