Monday, 9 August 2010


Well I have been up and down the country to and from London - 5 times in 2 weeks - so now I am totally exhausted!  The reason - the Bolshoi Ballet were visiting but more of that in another post.  For once I did a few touristy things - which is always nice to do!

On my way to Claridges to attend an Afternoon Tea Masterclass my taxi went up The Mall just in perfect time to see the Horse Guards on their way from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade to Change the Guard.  As it had rained the soldiers had their capes on - but don't they look regal and spectacular?   I saw them again on one of my later trips and I will post some pics later as I have not resized them.  It is amazing to think these guys are serving soldiers and serve out in Afghanistan as well performing ceremonial duties like this. 

Anyway I was going to Claridges, famous for their afternoon tea, but this visit was to attend a masterclass with the Head Pasrty Chef.  We got see him make macaroons, creme patissiere, cream slices and scones.  When you see an expert like Chef make the macaroons you realise just why they are so expensive to buy in the likes of Laduree - not only are the best ingredients used, but the process is very labour intensive, so next time you bite into a macaroon spare a thought for the artisan who made it!
After we saw the cakes being made we were given a nice lunch with wine:-
Clockwise from the top right - goats cheese and raspberry and beetroot, red mullet with beans and butternut squash jus, a warm terrine of chicken with spinach and wood sorrel leaves, and a tomato risotto (yum).

After the lunch came the afternoon tea goodies!!  Here is the full selection presented on a long silver pewter "tray" and you can see the scones in the background.

Here is a close up of a Cherry Streusel tartlet - it was delicious!! Note the attention to detail in the chocolate drop with a "C" for Claridges on it!

And here are the other cakes closer to:-
Cherry Streusel tartlet, cream slice, chocolate dome mousse which had an oriental fruit in it (I can't recall the name but it was similar to orange), and a rose flavoured macaroon.  Clear jam was used to immitate rain drops on the rose petal!

Claridges offer Masterclasses on lots of different subjects like game, carving, fish, flower arranging and chocolate etc.., but I have only ever done the afternoon tea....hmmm I wonder why??!!


  1. Hi ScarfAddict! I missed your posts very much! So glad you're back. Thank you for the yummy pictures and the comments on Claridges tea and masterclasses... I wish I could attend one of them some time!
    I'm waiting for your future posts on the Bolshoi!

  2. Hola Birkinmary!! Thank you for your lovely comments. I will get to the ballet soon!! I am still stunned at what I saw it so good!
    Best wishes xx

  3. A masterclass at Claridge's what fun! Many thanks for sharing the wonderful pics and insights, what a treat!

  4. It was a fabuous way to spend a Saturday - there is nothing quite like seeing an artisan at work.

  5. Your London posts are always a treat. Sounds like a delicious day... and the scones look amazing.

  6. Yes SMR they were yummy! Thanks again for your sweet comments, SA