Saturday, 11 September 2010

Horses for Courses

The things I bought in Paris all happen to be horse themed!  So here goes with what I found:-

I really like "Ex Libris en Camouflage" but I did not want another 90cm scarf so the gavroche version was the perfect alternative.  I was torn between the monotone black/white/grey version or the lovely pink/red/coral needlesss to say I went for the latter, although I do think I may still end up with a monotone one at some point!  I like red and pink together so this scarf was perfect for me.
Here worn cowboy style and below I folded it in the basic bias and just tied it around the neck at the back.
My next find at FSH was "Pour Sortir" a lovely design of horses in blankets.

This is a 70cm vintage style scarf - I tried two colourways but went for cw01 as the stronger colours suit my colouring better than the muted tones of the dusty purple one I also tried.  However this scarf is great when you fold it on the diagonal and tie it cowboy style - one way you get the black, orange and green and folded the other way you get the pinks and purples so it is almost like having 2 colourways in one!

I tied the scarf like a collar here which shows off all the colours well.

I must just tell you that when I checked my bill at Hermès FSH they had overcharged me quite considerably - I think they charged the gavroche as a 90cm as the design exists in both sizes this season!!!  I had to argue with the check out lady but it was a good job I know my prices - so please, please, always check your bill before entering your PIN number!!!

My final find was at the airport as I had been unable to get this particular colourway of Quand Soudain at FSH so I felt lucky to find this one!  This is another 70cm vintage style scarf.
I really like this design and it is very popular amongst scarf collectors - it is a cartoon strip by Dimitri Rybaltchenko and I love the orange awnings on the shops and FSH!  It is a little difficult to tie this scarf to show the horse so I just wore it cowboy (again)!

Hope you like my finds - I am now just looking for a purple La Vie du Grand Nord and that should be IT for AW10!!


  1. Congrats Scarfie-love your new selections! Course love the QS -you will find the Pegasus peeking at you when you least expect it!xoxo

  2. great scarves...your collection is amazing...

  3. Ah, been trying to resist the EL Camo, but seeing it on you makes me want it all over again - thanks - I think!! Pour Sortir looks great and I love your collar knot. (CVW1004)

  4. Congratulations on your fabulous haul!! Great CW for the Camouflage, I love pink and red together too. You wear color so well, and both sides of the Pour Sortir look wonderful on you.

  5. Claire - oops sorry??!! But it IS a nice design!! Yup the PS works really well with all its colours - it very good value for money that one! SAx

  6. Thank you MaiTai - It was really really hard to choose between the monotone and the corals for the ELeC but the pinks and reds pulled me the hardest! The PS cw has turned out to be a really good buy with so many different looks all in one! SA x

  7. It turns out we are sarf twins on Quand soudain - I have bought a blue version in Nice this August.

  8. Lovely to be QS scarf twin with you adesigna - it is super design!