Friday, 10 September 2010

Quick trip to Paris

We went to Paris a couple of weeks ago - the main reason was being able to fly the new A380 there and back!  The plane is very nice and very quiet.  Once onboard it is similar to any other of the large wide bodied jets.  I liked the fact it had nose/tail and belly cameras so you can watch take off and landing on your seat-back screen! 

The leg room was not brilliant and I wondered if maybe they packed in a few more seats on this very short flight seeing as it was sold at a bargain price?!!I only saw Economy and First Class - Business was upstairs.  A nice touch from Air France was a flight certificate handed out to all passengers.

Once in Paris I made a mad dash to Hermès FSH before it closed on Saturday and I did find a couple of things - the Hermès horseman was flying 2 yellow "H Comme Histoires" scarves. 

In the evening we went to Montmartre to our favourite little restaurant and I had my beloved onion soup!

On Sunday the shops in Paris are all shut so we finally made it to the Musee d'Orsay.  I was blown away with the beauty of the Impressionist paintings in the museum.  Sadly the museum is undergoing renovation so not all the paintings are on display, but what we did see were amazing - beautiful Renoirs, Monets, Van Gogh, Manet, Pissaro, Degas etc - I can highly recommend a visit!!  I discovered an artist I had never heard of before - Jean Béraud and I loved his "Une Soiree" painting - I managed to find  photo of it and here it is:-
Photo from

After the museum we had lunch and a rest and then went to a cake shop and bought some cakes which were delicicous!

Coco Dome and Framboise:-

On Monday it was a very early start for the flight back to the UK but the airport has a Hermès;-) and I got lucky again - and no that is not my purchases being loaded into the hold LOL!

Whilst waiting for our connecting flight home we stopped by Gordon Ramsay's "Plane Food" restaurant at Heathrow for lunch - we had a lovely pea, broad bean and Dolcelatto risotto - yummy!

Please look out for my next blog when I shall post pics of the Hermès goodies!!


  1. SA, what a fun looking weekend.... who could pass up a quick visit to Paris, FSH, or even the onion soup... yum!

    You've inspired me to read about Jean Béraud, thank you. Like you, I am a fan of the Impressionist painters, and I never tire of reading about their lives, or their work.

  2. Hello SMR - when I started googling Jean Béraud I found that his paintings of Parisien life were just lovely! The only book I could find is out of print and costs £1500 on Amazon LOL!! Glad to have inspired you, oxo.

  3. Thank you for sharing this fun trip, dear Scarf Addict. Love the plane, sounds as if it brings some fun to short haul flights. Great food pics too, and I never get tired of FSH rooftop snaps!

  4. Thanks MaiTai - that horseman sure keeps us busy doesn't he? I saw on your blog he has already got 2 new "flags" flying! I wonder how many scarves he goes through in a year LOL?!!
    The downside of the plane I found was that it is just SO big that it took ages to get everyone on/off - they are now just doing long haul - this was a tease to reel in the passengers - a very clever marketing ploy by AF me thinks!!

  5. I've been asking myself the same question re the horseman's flags, dear Scarf Addict. After having seen the same flags on three subsequent visits, and then new ones every other week, I've given up on a logical explanation. Perhaps it's to do with the weather, or more likely, french whim. LOL!