Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day Trip to London

I went to London yesterday to see the ballet "Sylvia" - and not least because Sergei Polunin was dancing!  More of that below.  I had some time free so I went to Bond Street to look at the shop windows and to stock up on some yummy Laduree praline macaroons - they are my favourite flavour.

I was rather taken with their box with a lady on the front - note she has a ship on her hat - which reminded me of one of the ladies at the Venice Carnival who had a similar hat!

Then I was in Trafalgar Square where there is the most fabulous ship in a bottle!  I have never seen one quite this big before LOL! (Is a ship theme developing here?)

After that I popped into the National Gallery to find out details of their Canaletto exhibition - I will have to go back and see it before it closes - I really like Canaletto and of course Venice!!

Then my time ran out and after a quick early lunch it was off to the Royal Opera House for the "main event" the ballet "Sylvia" by the late Federick Ashton.  I really enjoyed the ballet and the costumes were just gorgeous, especially Sylvia's sumptuous pink tutu for Act III, seen in my photo.  Here is the full cast at the curtain call - Sylvia was danced by Lauren Cuthbertson and Aminta by Sergei Polunin.

When I got home some neighbours were celebrating Guy Fawkes night (a day late) and I was able to enjoy their fireworks too - I love seeing fireworks don't you?

This rocket was lovely but my photo of it came out looking rather more like a jelly fish LOL!!

These are more "normal" but so pretty and a lovely end to my busy day! 


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful day - you packed so much in, I expect it was good to sit down at the ballet! I love old Ashtons, and I'm glad they're being put on more again.

  2. Hello Mrs E - yes I like Ashton too, Fille being one of my real favourites! Indeed I was soooo glad to sit down as you say. More travels tomorrow.....Thanks for dropping in, SA:-)

  3. Dear SA, what an interesting day you had. The Laduree praline macaroons look divine and the rocket really does look like a jelly fish.

    I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to reading about your next adventure.

  4. SMR - thank you:-) The macaroons are DELISH! Praline is definitely my favourite flavour by miles!

  5. What a fun day, dear Scarf Addict, thank you for sharing!