Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Some Hermès Windows

I was in Berlin recently as you know and there were some nice things in the windows at the Friedrichstrasse Hermès boutique in Berlin - they took some familiar paintings and put the Hermès touch on them!  Unfortunately the reflections in the windows have affected the photos but not so much that you cannot see!

Quand Soudain 70cm

Quand Soudain again with another scarf I
can't ID - and Girl with a Pearl Earring;-)

Some beautiful leather goods, an enamel bangle,
a gorgeous plisse and a fabulous Bolide handbag.

Mona Lisa with a Hermès watch LOL!

I think this is the Brazil Gavroche - he looks very Johnny Depp!

Girl with an Ex Libris Tassled Shawl ;-)

After the trek around the shops who could resist a reviving Hot Chocolate and slice of Luisentorte at the Opern Palais??!!


  1. Greetings!

    I wonder if the Hermès boutiques in Germany coordinate their window decorations. I was in western Germany in early October, and the three paintings (or at least two of them) were in the windows of the Frankfurt, Cologne, and Düsseldorf boutiques as well.

    This is my first comment but I have enjoyed reading you blog for some time now. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Love these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello A New Yorker!! Thank you - glad you like the pics - interesting to hear that other boutiques have the same window dressing - the other boutique at Berlin Ku'dam was different! I am visiting London and Paris soon so I will have a look there if I get time to see what they have LOL!! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy the blog :-)SA

  4. Hello SMR - happy to share! Have a great weekend :-) SA

  5. Thanks yet again for sharing your lovely travelogue! So many of my favorite things in life in these photos!H,especially the QS, Girl w a Pearl Earring, ballet with such lovely costuming (divine!), hot chocolate...wonderful on so many levels! Maisie

  6. Hi MaisieZ - thank you - glad you enjoyed this blog:-)

  7. Beautiful window displays, always so nice to see the different approaches. Looks like you had a fantastic time in Germany.. Berlin is on my list for 2011, it's such a great place.

  8. You won't be disappointed MaiTai:-)