Saturday, 28 May 2011

Paris continued

On Sunday morning I finally made it to the Orangerie Museum in the Tuilleries Gardens - I have been wanting to go there for ages to see Monet's Nympheas.   I was not disappointed!

The Monets were glorious.

The Nympheas fill 2 whole oval shaped rooms.

In additon to Monet's Nympheas, the small museum houses a permanent collection of impressionist art and had quite a few Renoirs which I have come to really like since I saw some at the Musee d'Orsay last year.  I especially liked Renoir's still life paintings of fruit and flowers. 
This bouquet of roses was beautiful.

I particularly liked Renoir's peaches.

This museum is great because it is small so your senses are not overloaded and you can digest what you have seen much more easily than when you go to a much bigger museum.

After going to the ballet in the afternoon (to see Flames of Paris - pic on previous post) I went to Montmartre for dinner.  No trip to Paris is ever complete until I have been to Montmartre - I love the atmosphere up there. 

There was a huge queue for the funicular railway so I decided to walk up the hundreds of steps to get to the Butte de Montmartre!  I took it slow and rested after each flight of stairs so I was not too out of breath by the time I reached the top LOL!   I visited Place du Tertre, where the artists hang out, and then I shopped a little before going back down to my favourite restaurant for dinner and that quintessential Soup a l'Oignon -and that was just the starter OMG!!

On Monday morning I went shopping and here are some of the delicious looking cakes in the windows of Fauchon.

And a croquembouche and macaron tower in Dalloyau's window!

I passed this beautiful florist shop - I loved how they just had white flowers in the display - it was very stylish indeed.
In the afternoon I went for a drink and a cake in the cafe by my hotel and the place was empty but for the owner and her HUGE grey cat - he just sat in the window soaking up the sun and regarding passerbys who tapped on the window at him with complete and utter contempt LOL!  A real cat with attitude. 

Of course my trip around the shops netted some nice goodies - some new shoes, some tops and of course some be continued!


  1. Part two looks as delightful as part one, it looks like you have had a most wonderful time!

  2. Thank you MaiTai, yes it was a very good trip and the beautiful weather helped make it even better:-)))