Thursday, 20 October 2011

Berlin Specials

Well Berlin had some special scarves in store when I went last week.  The Kurfurstendam store has been refitted and the Friedrichstrasse store has closed and a concession has opened within the famous KaDeWe store.   I got to Friedrichstrasse to find Hermes replaced by Nespresso!  It was by pure chance that I found Hermes in KaDeWe.  Anyway to cut a long story short  to celebrate the revamped store and the new concession in KaDeWe Hermes issued a special edition of Brandebourgs in 3 colourways - 2 are 90cms and 1 is a 70cm so feast your eyes:-

90cm black Brandebourgs

The Berlin detail on the bottom right corner.

The second 90cm in very bright colours!

The 70cm in a deep grey/green, pink and apple green.

Was I tempted?  Of course.  But then common sense prevailed - I already have Brandebourgs in the 70cm that was issued in 2008(?) in 2 cws including black and blue so no point having another one really.  If I had got one I think I would have bought the black 90cm.  I loved the pink 70cm but the green of the borders is just not to my taste at all - it is a really dull looking green and this is what would be on show most of all with this scarf, so it was "no".... for now.

While I was in both Berlin stores I was talking to the SAs about stock levels and they all said they only have a reasonably good stock because they are "new" stores so hermes gave them more but they still said that they felt it was very low.  For example just 2 weeks ago, the SA in Harrods told me she has 6 drawers EMPTY - unheard of!  So no idea where all the scarves have gone - it is almost as if Hermes have forgotten the European stores - no one has stock not even FSH in Paris.  If anyone knows please let us know!!

I will try to blog some more about Berlin in due course but I thought you would like to see the 3 special scarves on offer, should you visit Berlin.


  1. I think I would have gone with the black and gold one as well, love the inky blue and there is enough white to balance out the darker colours.

    Yes, European stocks are low, good for our bank accounts I suppose, and maybe time to hunt down some vintage scarves?

  2. Hi Bienchen - that is one way of looking at it LOL!! SA :-)

  3. Thanks a lot for this post! We'll travel to Berlin next morning and I'm going to visit the H stores there.
    The situation is similar in European stores:
    There were only 2 or 3 70cm scarves in Prague's store last week and about 8 ones (70cm) in Paris, FSH two weeks ago....

  4. Ooh, I think I would have been tempted by the hot-colored 90. I love Berlin.

    The windows in my church were made by Gabriel Loire, who made the windows in the Gedaechtniskirche.

  5. That seems to be a design that looks fantastic tied , but I think you have the better colourway already.
    I have found Royal Exchange in London offer the most interesting selection, having struck gold with a shawl,the SA has tracked a gavroche I wanted and is having it sent from Barcelona ; I'm so impressed by them ! I just happen to live close by , so it's only too easy , but the store is really easy to get to wherever you are.

  6. Tereza - have a good trip!! SA:-)

    VnSoie - yes me too! The Gedaechtniskirche
    Church is completely covered up by super-duper scaffolding for restoration work at the moment it looks most odd not being able to see it! SA :-)

    Cameele - I agree!! SA:-)

    Estrella - yes have been to RExch a few times they have a nice selection but saldy they don't open at weekends which is when I visit London most! Wonder if htey open nearer Xmas? SA:-)

  7. nice post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing