Sunday, 30 October 2011

Berlin Bootie!

OK I said I brought home an orange bag let's see what was inside.....

Inside the bag were:- the box, a Carre Histoires booklet, some knotting cards, the latest Paris Mon Ami magazine and a complimentary purse spray of my favourite H perfume Pampelmousse Rose.

So let's open the box.....

Introducing my Au Fil du Carre by Annie Faivre.

A few modelling shots....


Half Ascot Knot

Friendship Knot

Double Twist Knot

The scarf is very detailed, as you can see, and is made up of 18 of Annie Faivre's previous designs such as Cheval Mawari, Jardins d'Hiver, Domes Celesetes. Of course there are lots of Annie Faivre's signature monkeys all over the scarf - the trick is spotting them LOL!


  1. Great choice! Congratulation! I like this design and colorway very much!

  2. Dear SA,

    What a delight for the eyes!! I can't believe how different the same scarf looks with the different colour backgrounds and different knots - and how nice an orange scarf looks! I love the strong colours and am keeping an eye out for a purple scarf to add to my collection.

    It's truly lovely, well done you and the bag was FULL of goodies!!

    Congratulations on another memorable addition to your collection.


    P.S. Thanks for a few more knots for me to try out!

  3. Such a gorgeous happy scarf.. how fun to have a bit of 18 of AF's designs on it. Congratulations SA. I have been meaning to try the H Pampelmousse Rose perfume, but have been sidetracked by the Voyage and Un Jardin Sur le Nil. Thank you for reminding me to give it a try next time I am in an H boutique.

    Have a wonderful week. xxxS

  4. Tereza - thank you - I hope you had a good trip to Berlin too! SA:-)

    PP - thank you glad you like and have found some knots to try out! SAx

    SMR - "happy" is a very good descriptor for this scarf - thank you! I like Pampelmousse Rose - very light and not heavy like some H perfumes. Hope you will like it too! You have great week too, SAx

  5. Beautiful scarf, you have such an extensive collection, what a pleasureable delimma you must have each morning deciding which one to wear!

  6. Very nice and totally seasonal with orange.

    Am strangely drawn to the double twist knot, looks great with the black top.

  7. Anon - thank you, it's not so hard really! SA:-)

    Bienchen - Thank you - the double twist is easy and quick to do glad you like maybe we'll see you model it soon? SA:-)

  8. I do love this scarf especially in the colourway you've chosen , potiron is such a gorgeous orange and easy to wear . I shall have to examine this one when I vist H !
    Each and every tie is beautiful, if I had to choose I'm with Bienchen on the double twist . In fact I think a lot of Annie Faivre designs seem to suit this way of wearing .
    Having said that , it always looks like a surgical collar on me . I tend to do a varation on a theme , to minimise the vertical element.

  9. Estrella - thank you - yes definitely have a look at this one! The double twist was done in hurry so not the best example. I think if you twist the scarf first that would tame the bulk? SA:-)

  10. beautiful orange scarf.
    I ♥ it.

  11. Glad you like it Scarf Lovers thank you, SA