Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is Coming/Harrods Pop Up Shop

Yesterday I met up with some lovely TPF ladies in London and we had a lovely "H" time!  Anyway I did not come home empty handed - and I appreciated all the opinions in deciding on what to bring home, although a return trip will be required at some point I am sure LOL!  The pics tell the story:-

The gorgeous Christmas Box Sleeve!!!

and the back of the sleeve

Beautiful silver Christmas Ribbon!

The Caleche replaced by a Sleigh - delightful!

The 2 together.

Now let's reveal the contents!
The box and Paris Mon Ami ad for the
Harrods Pop Up Shop opening 1 December.

Ex Libris En Kimonos (with flash).

ExLibris en Kimonos (without flash).

And some close up details shots.
Beautiful patterns cover this scarf all over.

I like to think of this as a Bird of Paradise
- no idea if it is!

The designer.

I first saw this scarf at Nice airport 2 weeks ago and the SA let me try a few on and this was the one she thought suited me best - my TPF friends agreed as well!  I think this will serve me well and I can see it looking great with a white shirt, for example - it looks very fresh and crisp in this cw.  I have not had time to have a play but I will do at some point, but I thought I would get some pics up sooner rather than later!  Hope you enjoyed.
P.S. Harrods Pop Up Shop opens 1December and runs until 2 January 2012 in Luxury Room II.  There is a special issue scarf - but not to my liking :-(  it has "Hermes pour Harrods" written on the suitcase clasp on a 90cm of "H En Voyage" - a reissue of the 70cm design from a few years back the are are 2 cws, one bright red and green and the other blues and purples, reds, greens.  Harrods had good stock - I think due to having the pop up shop opening soon and I've seen a couple of likes!


  1. I enjoyed your news so much - as I keep my eye on this cw too. It looks gorgeous and I can hardly wait for your modelling pics - you know how much trouble it brings to select the scarf which has not been seen in person; now, as the H boutiques close to me are quite depleted, the only option is to judge based on the modelling pics. Thanks, dear in advance, Maria

  2. Great choice - as usual and thanks for the personal demonstration of the friendship knot.

  3. Maria - thank you glad you like I know only too well the problems with stock but at least this time in Harrods they had good supplies! I will try a nd post some modelling shots soon. SAx

    Bienchen - you're welcome and thank you for your demo of the rose knot too!! Hope you got the Bolduc. SAx

  4. I think this colourway of EL en Kimonos is the one which seems most akin to the beautiful old kimono fabrics .
    I love my version in sepia/cobalt /corail : these detailed photos are making me want the dark blue colourway too.... it's just heavenly.
    It thought it looked fantastic on you , and hope you enjoy wearing it .

  5. Estrella - thank you scarf cousin! Funny but I keep wishing I had tried on your cw too! I loved that pop of turquoise and red on you. The design is indeed heavenly it has definitely grown on me even more just looking the pics. I will pop back to Harrods this week I think!! SAx

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I am slightly biased as I have this exact same scarf and it is the MOST fantastic colourway, brilliant on navy, grey, red, raspberry, brick and white. You, scarf twin, could probably wear it with pale pink as that's in the mix too.

    I agree with Estrella about the sophistication of this colourway (it reminds me very much of her lovely Kimonos en Inros). I love the sepia/coral/cobalt, but not on me, and you carried off the marine/gris beaute/brique so well. Both versions tie beautifully

    Thanks too for your opinion on the grey L'Arbre de Vie - the jury's still out on that one!

  7. Dear SA,

    Another fine choice! I adore the christmas ribbon too. Please let us know what the pop up shop is like...can't wait to hear all about it.


  8. Hi, is there any chance to see more modelling pics, please? It is the only way for me to make a decision about this purchase and about this particular desperately in need of those photos, as my H silk shopping this autumn has not been successful and I am not crazy about other designs very much, would like to buy (if) this one online... TIA & hugs, Maria

  9. This design is lovely in so many colorways - a real winner. I look forward to seeing pictures of you wearing it! What fun to shop with like-minded TPF'ers!

  10. Pussywillow - thank you for your help in chosing this scarf - I didn't realise you have it too so it is great to be your twin too!! I think the L'Arbre was a perfect neutral, just a lovely design! SA x

    PP - thanks again dear! We'll have go and shopsome SS12 together. SAx

    Maria - Glad you like and I think my next blog post is be what you are looking for - time has been against me this week but I finally managed some pics! SAx

    MetzFan - thank you and again hope you like my next post with the modelling shots! I loved shopping with TPF friends it was really lovely!! SAx