Sunday, 4 December 2011

ExLibris en Kimonos

I know some of you are desperate to see some modelling shots of the Kimonos scarf (meant to be for Christmas!) Whilst doing the photos it really did highlight just what a versatile design this scarf is - there are SO many different looks to the scarf.  Anyway here you go hope you like:-

Tied using MT moyenne scarf ring

Just wrapped/draped around the neck

Tied at the back to draped long
to the front

Same again different angle

Cross over knot with MT Moyenne
scarf ring

Bow made with MT moyenne
scarf ring

Bow made with Bolduc scarf ring

Close up of the bow and Bolduc ring


Friendship Knot

As a top with cardigan over -
a la Harrods display model! 
I got the SA to show me how.

Same again

Folded on the square and single knot

Hope you found a look you like!  Pop Up Shop pics to follow on next blog post.


  1. Oh my husband bought me this scarf in Hong Kong in the same CW - isn't it lovely? As you say, it has so many different looks - I love the rusty red in it which is quite unusual I think! xxx

  2. Great to be twins with you Mrs Exeter! Your DH has good taste how lovely to be bought as a gift too! It really is versatile isn't it - not a scarf I loved at first when the AW11 collection came out but this one really is special now I have had a chance to play. SAx

  3. I'll say it again, this is probably my favourite scarf and you look lovely wearing it .
    I did buy it [ sepia/corail]and left it in a drawer unworn for ages : I wasn't sure as it seemed so fussy . But once I'd decided it was a keeper I just love wearing it .

  4. This looks wonderful with your red cardigan! I agree, it is a very versatile scarf. (I have a different CW). There are so many elements to highlight with different knots. Enjoy wearing it!

  5. Lovely! Thanks for posting the photos.

  6. Wow!! SA, thank you for posting so many action shots. They are really precious! Your choice of red cardigan is so perfect. All the photos are beautiful, but if I have to choose, love especially 5th and 12th photos. Beautiful rusty red and blue jean combo! Congratulations!!

    Iris j

  7. So many lovely colours and patterns here!

  8. Estrella - thank you again! I think we backed a winner here! SA:-))

    MetzFan - I surely will enjoy this scarf! Thak sfor liking my red cardi too SA :-)

    Kay - you're welcome SA:-)

    Iris J - Thank you and glad you like the pics SA :-)

    Susan G - Exactly and that is why I love it!! SA :-)

  9. This design is one which grew on me every time I saw it IRL, after rejecting it outright at first viewing (eg too busy). My choice came down to this or the black cw and I did choose the black. I still love the blue and it looks fabulous w your red sweater set. Lovely as always SA!


  10. I just found your lovely site while trying to decide what new scarf ring I need! I just received the kimono scarf as a Christmas gift from my parents. It is so beautiful! I love the blues in it. Thanks for many ideas of how to wear it!

    I live in LA and they purchased it in NYC at the Hermes store. Does anyone know if there is a good place to purchase Hermes in LA?

  11. Maisie - great to be scarf cousins with you - I like so many of the cws of ExLenK but not so many cws suited me! The advice of the SA at Nice airport was this one and then when I tried it in Harrods the TPF-ers with me all said this was THE one! I think they were right and I love this scarf design. Like you I was not keen at first but it grew on me the more I saw it!! Enjoy your scarf! SA:))

  12. Shelby - congratulations on your ExLibris! So happy you found inspiration from my blog and this scarf has many many possibilities. I am sure there are lots of places to buy Hermes in LA - have you checked If you go to the USA site you should be able to get a list up of all the boutiques in LA. I hope you enjoy wearing your scarf. Best wishes SA:-))

  13. Hi

    love this scarf and busy trying to find it again after seeing it while overseas in Japan...

    can you demonstrate how you wore it as a top?


  14. Hi nutsaboutmakeup - I will try and do a how to for you - it is easy! I hope you find the scarf - have you tried There are still some around as they are only AW12. Best of luck SA:-)