Monday, 2 January 2012


So another year has flown by and here we are in  2012 ALREADY!!!! 

I spent some time in the garden yesterday planting one of my Christmas presents before it gets too cold, as the UK winter has been extremely mild so far.  I thought this was a nice little job to do on New Year's day too.  Anyway my sister bought me a David Austin rose called "William and Catherine" - you know how I love the royals so this was a perfect addition for the garden and I am looking forward to seeing the plant settle in and start to grow.  If I am lucky it might flower for me this year too!  
Photo: David Austin Roses Ltd.

Of course the planting did not go without some hilarity - as I poured some water on the plant, the handle of the bucket detached itself so the (full) bucket of water fell out of my hands and the poor rose and my feet got well and truly flooded with water LoL!! 

I have a few more things to look foward to in 2012 and I hope you will be here to read all about them in due course!

Best wishes for a great 2012 everyone!


  1. It's called puddling in for a reason and you are supposed to really give a rose a good soaking when planting, so this lovely present will get off to a flying start.

    Looking forward to your 2012 revelations and of course best wishes to you.

  2. Dear SA,

    What a lovely gift for you to enjoy year on year. You should get some blooms this year - can't wait to see what you've got in store this year.

    Warm regards,


  3. Happy new year Bienchen - this was a really really big soak LOL! SA:-)

    PP - thanks! SA:-)

  4. Thank you for your warm wishes, and I'm sending you wishes for a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!


    PS I too adore D.A. roses!

  5. That's a wonderful present, and one to be enjoyed for years to come.
    I loved hearing about you and your Hermes scarves .
    I have you and your blog to thank for rekindling my interest in the first place, and whenever I wear my Carnaval de Venise in red and blue I think of you !
    I saw a C de V on a blog recently , it had little carnaval figures around the border .

  6. Maisie - this is my first DA rose plant so I am rally looking forward to it flowering - I checked it yesterday and the stems look like they are coming to life it has been so mild here! SAx

    Estrella - aww thank you! The CdV you have seen may be the GM version that has a character border I think. I need to think of something to blog about -it's hard at the moment as not much "doing" LOL! SAx