Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ahhh London!

Ever felt you needed to go to a city as you have been away too long?  That was me!  I haven't been to London since before Christmas so a trip was long overdue especially as the new season scarves are starting to come into Hermes boutiques....well Harrods as they are my Hermes boutique of preference.  So many TPFers have been showing off their new season finds as well and that lead me to Harrods in search of just one special scarf:-
Lots of orange and new set
No4 of Knotting Cards!

Tresors Retrouves - based on Afghan treasures.

Another fabulous design by Annie Faivre.

Annie Faivre's trademark monkey.

Horse and Fish details.

Cowboy tied with scarf ring.

Equestrian style with scarf ring.

Bow made using scarf ring.

Close up of the bow using scarf ring.

Single bow loop crossover using scarf ring

Friendship Knot

Equestrian style with Half Ascot Knot

Double Twist knot.

Weave knot

Pleats with a scarf ring - easier than using a knot!

Please see the links on the right hand side for instructions on how to do the Half Ascot Knot and The Friendship Knot.

I had a lot of computer hangs tonight and it has taken forever to type this blog up and the pictures have taken on a life of their own moving around - I don't think I'll ever fathom it!  Anyway please forgive anything that is not in line as it should be!  I will post more about the sights in London and the new knotting cards next time.

23/1/2012 - I have been trying to reply to all your lovely comments but blogger will not let me!  I don't know what the problem is except it's gremlins!  So thank you everyone who has posted it is much appreciated!

24/1/2012 - update I discovered that Blogger does not support Internet Explorer which is why I think I had problems I have now downloaded Google Chrome browser and everything is back to normal!


  1. Great scarf and very nice knots! Congratulations!

  2. Well, this is hardly a surprise for your followers on the Purse Forum, but Tresors Retrouves in cw05 is a wonderful acquisition for your scarf collection and you beautifully display, as always, unseen detail and every conceivable knot.

    If your posting caused you problems, there is not a ruffle at the spectators' end: it is all masterful as far as we're concerned!

  3. Hi twins! I love how it shows off the nice color against your purple sweater!

  4. A true treasure & it ties so well in a variety of knots which should make it very versatile.

    I love scarves with violine and marron glace colours, so thank you for sharing all the different knots.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous colorway and all of the knots show the design perfectly. Many congrats. Looking forward to hearing about your London trip and the knotting cards.

    Wishing you a wonderful week. xxS

  6. Tereza - Thank you glad you like! SA:-)

    Pussywillow - thank you and happy that you like the knots. SA:-)

    Mimi - Yay great to be your twin and had I not seen your and SparkleB's TR 05s on TPF I would never have noticed this scarf so thank YOU for sharing it on TPF! SAx

    Bienchen - I think this is one that would suit you too! Seems to be "your" colours! SA:-)

    SMR - waving at you! Thank you so much, I will get the other things posted soon! Have a great week too. SAx

  7. This is one of my two choices dear scarfie. Congrats and enjoy! Happy Year of the Dragon!

  8. Dear Scarf Addict,
    Congratulations! This is such a gorgeous design and it is spectacular on you. I don't know if it's your purple sweater or brunette hair - it is magnificent. I think you will get lots of wear out of this one. I am expecting mine next week and after seeing your beautiful pictures I am even more excited. Thank you for showing all the different knots.
    Have a good Sunday.

  9. This is a beauty, and very much suits you . I so love this colour combination , it's elegant and dreamy. And this c'way seems to be the scarf of the new season, I must get to Harrods to try ...

  10. Congratulations, Scarf Addict! Wonderful to see how the design comes out in different knots, thank you for sharing.

  11. Lanit - thank you so much! I was born in the year of the Dragon so it's my year! SAx

    Maedi - thank you I think you are right this is one scarf that will be extremely wearable! Congrats on getting yours I know you will love it! SA:-)

    Estrella - absolutely agree - I also loved the pink ;-) SAx

    MaiTai - thank you and you're welcome! Your scarf rings help with the knots to bring the design out! SA:-)

  12. I got this as well, great Annie Faivre design and classic color with a bright edge- the pics made me sooo excited to wear it! Happy new year!

  13. The scarf looks truly amazing, particularly with the sweater - a perfect match! The knots are more than perfect. I would never imagine this scarf can show up so much beauty, truly stunning. Can you tell me - which scarf ring have you used for the last knot: the big one or the shawl ring? Hugs, M

  14. Anon - Hope you have gone off to get your scarf on!! SA:-)

    Hi M! Thank you so much I have used the MT Grande scarf ring for the frills look as that one copes with the volume better. Thanks again SAx

  15. Congrats with your new scarf.
    Could you show/tell me how to tie the Double Twist knot and Weave knot.
    I have trying but bad results!!!!
    Thanks a lot.

  16. Anon - Ok will do - give me some time though as I have t sort my holiday photos etc!!! Glad you like SA:-)

  17. Hi - just came across your blog today while looking for new ways to tie my scarves. I'm wondering if there are instructions on how to do the bow w/scarf ring pictured above... and which kind of scarf ring I would need. I'm new to this and would appreciate any advice :) Love your blog!


  18. Hi Jessica - welcome to my blog. I haven't got instructions myself at this point in time, however you will find the ones I used on MaiTai's blog she also sells the rings I use:-
    Hope this helps and hope you visit again! SA:-)