Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Fishy Tale

I went to Monaco last year as you know and I went to the Aquarium at the Oceanographic Museum.  They sell  the Hermes scarf Grand Fonds by Annie Faivre.  Anyway I decided that I would like one so I ordered a blue one by email recently so as well as adding to my collection hopefully the purchase will have helped the Museum's work as well..  Here she is:-
The orange box.

First peek at the scarf.

The scarf in full.

Closer detail - love the pinks in this.

The lovely fish weave between the plants
just like the real thing!

Artist's signature A Faivre.

Lovely pinks and oranges against a 
vibrant turquoise.

And it even looks good with cerise!


  1. Dear SA,

    It looks like another well chosen, truly lovely scarf!

    I especially like it in the last photo.


  2. Wonderful scarf! Congratulations, dear SA!

  3. Gorgeous summer colours.

    As an aside, I remember looking for the monkey on this design but not finding it. Any clues?

    1. Thank you Bienchen - I had a look but so far I have not found the Monkey. He must be in there somewhere!! If I find him I'll let you know. Sa:-)

  4. What a marvellous find, I love the colourway ,it seems perfect for this design .
    I'm not sure if this is a special issue for Monaco ?

    1. Thank you Estrella - I don't know if it is a special cw either. I chose the blue as it is more realistic. SA:-)

  5. I have been dying to get this scarf too and in that particular cw but alas the only number I found for the Aquarium in Monte Carlo does not work on my iPhone (must not have an international plan?) How did you track down their email, if you don't mind sharing your secret :)

  6. I have to have it! Tried to call the museum but alas had difficulty as I couldn't reach anyone who spoke English. Here's hoping they respond to my email in the general mailbox! Fingers crossed:)

    1. Hi Katherine - only just got to a computer to be able to reply to you- if you send me a comment on the blog with your email then I will be pleased to send you the details I used - I won't publish your comment of course!