Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pleated Bow - How To

Rosi asked recently if I could post a "how To" for the pleated bow I have used occasionally (also known as the Robee Knot on TPF)  so I have attempted to do some instructions!  Here goes with help from my Hermes L'Ivresse d'Infini scarf:-
1. Lay your scarf out somewhere flat as you 
will need space to pleat it up.

2. Start to pleat the scarf up into layers - 
I find pleats of about 4-5cm works best.

3. Keep going until the scarf is all pleated......... 

4. .......into one narrow strip........

5. so.

6. Next CAREFULLY pick up the pleated strip
 and place it around your neck. You can see 
it is already opening up by itself!

7. Do a single knot ......

8. you can wear the scarf like this
or carry on.....

9. tie a full Half Ascot Knot (how to here) to give
the frilly bow look.  If you do not have enough
length to make the bow around your neck
or it is too tight ( you need a pretty thin neck to do
this knot - I find it a bit tight)
then I found an alternative:-

10.  If you have a large scarf ring or shawl ring
 (MT Collection) then you can use this to "tie" 
the scarf which leaves a lot more length to play 
with than the Half Ascot Knot and is 
more comfortable.

11. Slide on the ring to one side keeping the 
pleats in place as best you can -  you may 
need to give a little twist so they sit 
correctly for the frills.

12. Put the other side of the scarf through the 
ring as well.  As here you can wear 
the bow at differing lengths 
for a layered effect or.......

13. You can pull the scarf through the ring
 further to even up the length and I 
think this gives a pretty good "copy cat" 
effect of doing a Half Ascot Knot  but this 
is good as it allows for a larger neck.

Hope this helps - Have fun!


  1. Many thanks, Scarf Addict; your explanations are very useful! Happy Easter.

    1. Great - hope you enjoy wearing your scarves like this! Happy Easter to you too SA:-)

  2. Lovely pleated knots! Your Ivresse is like a chameleon scarf… It seems to go with any color.
    Against black, so chic and dramatic!

    1. Thank you Iris - yes the scarf is turning out to be a lot more wearable than I first thought! SA:-)

  3. Dear SA,

    Thank you for the wonderful 'How to' - you make it look SO easy!!


    1. Thanks PP - hope you have a try it is not too hard! SAx