Monday, 15 October 2012

Paris Daytrip

A few weeks ago my sister and I went to Paris for the day.  We wanted to look at the shops and maybe find something nice to bring home.  First stop was Hermes, but en route there we saw some other lovely windows:-
Fabulous Autumnal chocolates!

Acorns and pine cones in chocolate!

Even the jeweller across the road got in on the fungi act!

The Anne Fontaine Boutique on Boissy Anglais

Quite some show saddle in Hermes, it would not be 
comfortable though with those spikes!

Quite grey windows at Hermes.

The much anticipated Galop Chromatique STILL 
not available but CDG T2E had a blue one!

An unusual fountain in the corner window 
but it had the less desired effect of causing 
the windows to condensate up - not very
 Hermes at all!

The Horseman carries his Marcelinas.

Over on the Left Bank a fancy window advertising 
the new LBD perfume from??Guerlain??

Cakes at the Bon Marche's Le Grande Epicerie  - can you  
believe security told me off for taking pics of these cakes!!???

A fabulous meringue!

Cup cakes galore!

Lunch - Croque Monsieur on Poilane bread.

The Bon Marche is 160 years old and had fancy 
windows to celebrate.

Hermes Georges V windows bunnies and butterflies!

A stag with twilly butterflies!

A fabulous huge new looking Anne Fontaine on Ave Montaigne.

And Nina Ricci a few steps down.

On the way to Christian Dior even the zebra crossing 
gets a Dior dog tooth makeover - how cool is this?!

A very beastly looking Mercedes sports car double 
parked outside Dior!

It was around Fashion Week when I visited and Dior's 
windows were decked out in the latest designs and 
all the windows were crammed full of FRESH flowers!  
Here beautiful deep blue hydrangeas

Amazing orchid windows! I dread to think of the cost!

More greenery in the windows with these lovely 
blue creations.  The windows had terrible glare on them
so I hope you can see!

Inside Dior they have a beautiful ginko biloba leaf 
seat and it always has fresh flowers in the centre.
This time it was deep pink hydrangeas - stunning!

More lovely windows - and my favourite in pink!

All the flowers were real - incredible!

A close up of the phalenopsis orchids 
with sedums in one window.

Blue hydrangeas again provide a wonderful
background for this pearl necklace.
I did't leave empty handed...a little something sits
on the beautifully  pleated tissue....

Just a small scarf in between a gavroche and 70cm. 

It has lovely scrolls of writing across it in French..of course!

I don't know all of what it says - translation welcome!

A single knot.

Cowboy secured with petite MT scarf ring.

Same again with a different corner.

It was such a pleasure to buy this little scarf at Christian Dior - the SA who has helped me before was there as soon as we walked in the door and the service at Ave Montaigne is second to none - it is the best I have ever received anywhere and leaves other labels standing including Hermes.  Nothing is too much trouble and best of all, the staff I have encountered are all so friendly and welcoming.  This makes such a difference to the shopping experience don't you think?.


  1. What a treat looking at Parisian windows through your lens.
    Love the way that in mushroom season every shop sports a little clump of Ceps ...even hairdressers!
    I must congratulate you on this delightful scarf from Dior : how often does one come across A1 service ?
    It's heartwarming to hear you received it, and your scarf is adorable.

    1. Ahh thank you Estrella we had a lovely lovely day in Paris even though we were exhausted the next day! I only spotted the scarf as I was about to leave - it was in a case with bags rather than in the scarf dept! The SA was so pleased to show us anything including a Lady Dior bag and my sister was very taken with the new Diorissimo bag. Such a lovely shop even if you don't buy! Glad you like, SAxx

  2. I loved each and every one of your pix!

    1. Thank you so much Margaret - comments like yours make blogging worthwhile, so glad you enjoyed the post, SAx

  3. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy your daytrip photos in Paris ! Lovely cakes and beautiful window decorations for Bon Marché! Thank you so much for sharing those pics! And congratulations for your new little Dior scarf! Very chic and elegant design! I’m happy you had a good welcoming, that double indeed the shopping pleasure!

    1. Wow thank you Iris that means a lot coming from you seeing as you are in France! The French know how to dress windows so beautifully - they are mini art works in themselves. The floral windows at Dior were amazing. I have the pink flowers on my Desktop at work now as a lovely reminder of my day trip. Glad you like my little scarf I am really pleased with it! Merci a vous, SAx

  4. Oh Scarf Addict, I do not know where to start! what a wonderful post, loved every photo. I like the frilly shirt in AF, the Dior crossing, beautiful flower displays, Stunning windows, yummy cakes - you find the best of everything!

    Congrats on the new carre! very stylish.. Elle xx

  5. Thanks Elle glad you liked all the pics too! I think Paris was "on form" when we went and I'd SO love to go back ASAP for a bit longer! I have some ballet at the end of December but that seems too long away to wait!! Thanks for the "scarf love" too. SAxx

  6. You made me home sick.... I was able to move to Florida with my dear scarves but I had to left Paris behind :-(|
    Great post,
    Cheers from Florida,
    Anne Touraine (Playing With Scarves)

  7. Glad you liked the post Anne - sorry I made you home sick! SA:-)

  8. Thank you for showing us these lovely photos - a reminder why I love Paris so much! Everything is perfection, the cakes, the chcocolates, the beautiful fashions, and your Dior scarf is the souvenir we all would love!

    1. Thank you Patricia - glad you liked the post! SA:-)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos!
    Love to read your blog! Have a very HAPPY weekend :-)

    1. Thank you so much HappyFace it makes me very happy to know you have enjoyed them. Keep spreading the joy! SA:-))

  10. As always, your blog inspires the fashionista and world traveler in us all! I had seen this video a while back of how Dior installed over a million flowers for their spring show, it is absolutely incredible. I hope you are able to enjoy it here:

    1. Ooh thank you Katherine - I will check it out PDQ!! SAx