Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Gift of Time

On this first day of being back on GMT and having said farewell to a summer we never had here where I live in North West Engalnd I thought it about TIME that I shared with you some the some of the scarves I have bought in the Hermes fans amongst you will know, the Hermes theme for 2012 is "The Gift of Time" so here is my souvenir from my trip to Amsterdam:-
What's in the bag??

An orange box!

Something blue....there are lots of cws of this 
design but the one that suited me was the 
blue - again!  Funny how what pleases the eye 
is not necessarily the one that suits you to wear. 
I am wise to this now so it is very important to 
try before you buy!

Ta da!  Laboratoire du Temps!

A fabulous design by Pierre Marie..

Wonderful details related to time are 
encapsulated in various forms in this design -
from an egg timer to .....

......a cuckoo clock!.... circles showing events in history...

..there is so much to look for and enjoy in this design!

The scarf is great to wear too...
A Friendship Knot

A Double Twist Knot

Half Ascot Knot

Equestrian with cross over using 
MT moyenne scarf ring to secure.

Equestrian but this time doing a criss cross
using MT moyenne scarf ring

Cossack/Cowboy style - the colours and design
look great worn like this.

Cowboy with the tails over the top
secured with MT moyenne scarf ring - 
I love this way of wearing a scarf.

Playing now - I carried with the cowboy 
and this time I pulled the scarf from by
my neck out and over the ties 
"just because"!  I think it looks OK.

A half bow criss cross using 
MT moyenne scarf ring - it's lovely with
this design.  I hope you'll agree!

Criss cross - using MT moyenne scarf ring.

A bow made using using 
MT grande scarf ring

Here I made a twisted look - I did this by taking 
a basic fold, doing a single knot then wrapping 
the tails around the scarf and tying at the back.
I think it makes a nice scarf necklace, and is 
slightly easier to do if you don't want to do the 
proper scarf necklace which is plaited.

I hope you like the new scarf - if anyone has the correct Hermes colour names for the scarf I would be VERY grateful to know - for my scarf spreadsheet!


  1. Dear Scarf Addict, I purchased the scarf from the H website, so will read the colors off the tag for you: CABAN/TURQUOISE/BLEU COBALT.

    I love this scarf, too. One of the "circles of time" records your very purchase of the scarf (assuming one purchases it this year) -- that has to be a first among scarves.

    Cheers, Kay

    1. Hi Kay - thank you SO much for this info and congrats on your purchase too! Glad to be scarf twins with you. It certainly is a very different and enchanting design! SA:-)

  2. Yay! So lovely shades of blue and details! Congratulations for your new acquisition SA!

    1. Hi Iris - thank you for the scarf love - glad you like! I am really looking forward to wearing this scarf! SAx

  3. Dear Scarf Addict,

    LOVE the blues in this design, would look lovely with my eyes!!

    Wearing my CD duck design scarf lots at the moment...the real ones are running around outside - SO cute.


    1. Hi PP - well you'll just have to try the scarf on next time we meet! Glad to hear the Dior ducks are getting some wear and that the real ones are toddling around too LOL! SAx

  4. Well I am scarf triplets with you and Kay because I bought this same scarf, in the same colorway, last week. It is my first 90cm and I am so in love with it. The colors and patterns just knock me out and I love how you've showed so many different ways to tie it. I will bookmark this page! I like that Kay brought up one of the things that I especially appreciate about this scarf, the addition of the year 2012. My SA thought it would be nice that I'd always remember the year I got my first 90 because it's right there in the design. I agree! XO, Jill

    1. Oooh congrats Jill on your beautiful new scarf! So happy you have found some ides for wearing it too! Yes this scarf kinda has everything in it even 2012 LOL! Great to be triplets with you and Kay SAx

  5. Fabulous buy, and I think you will love this one and wear it a lot.
    I really like the fun and graphic elements and those swirly lines make it tie like a dream .

    1. Thanks Estrella - congrats on your GM version too!! The design is just so interesting isn't it?! SAx

  6. Hi H, it is a great design and I love all the detail. I still haven't got around to looking at all the little circles and working out what they represent. I got it in the beige colourway which sounds boring but is actually quite fab. Now, have to practice the friendship knot as have forgotten how to do it! BTW, tell us more about the spreadsheet, how do you catalogue your scarves?

    XX C

    1. Hi cvw- congrats on your LdT too!! I am sure it si indeed fab in the beige - they are all lovely - the secret is finding the cw that pop for the wearer! My spreadsheet just lists date of purchase, scarf name, size, colourway, price (it is a bad idea to add up the total!), which shop/ebay I bought it from - I felt I needed an inventory given the size of the collection as much for my own info as for insurance purposes! Next time we have a meet I'll show you the Friendship again - it looked great with your GM!! Take care SAxx

  7. Gorgeous scarf! I do like a blue scarf and the design is so detailed congrats!

    I still have not got around to making a scarf inventory I wonder maybe i'm too late to start now?! Elle xx

    1. Hi Elle
      It's never too late I'm sure! Glad you like my LdT I am really pleased with it and have been wearing it lots the last few days! SAx