Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My First GM Shawl

Now I blame my friends on TPF 100% for this purchase - I don't know what it is, but TPF does get you whipped up into a frenzy sometimes about "having" to have something and late to the party - as ever - I realised I should have this particular design as a GM.  I was in luck on a trip to Harrods - just one was there - not my first choice of colour at all but I tried it on and it "worked":-
The wrong box - it did get replaced!

What lies within - TPFers already know!

The top half

The bottom half

Ex Libris en Kimonos cw 05 - quite a
neutral cw but it looks great with red -
lucky I had a red coat on when I
bought it!!  This cw really worked with my
colouring I was so surprised and it has
lots of colours in it when you start looking...

Lovely purple contrast hem..

Blues, browns, pinks, reds, white....

The fabulous crane.

A casual drape shows off the colours.

The same drape but then knotted.

Basic fold and just draped.

Here I folded the square down to a smaller 
square so that I could get the bits I 
wanted to show showing - I think I used a 
scarf ring at the back to secure!  I am 
not sure how bulky this would be in practice, 
but the GM is pretty thin.

A square fold (rather than bias basic) 

simply wound around - looks OK too.

So there you have my first foray into the world of GMs I don't think I will be getting any more GMs, as they are incredibly expensive and very delicate and would I get the use out of it? Simple answer - No!!


  1. Congratulations on your first GM Shawl! It's really beautiful :-)

  2. That is absolutely stunning!
    I know how you feel and I do understand that it feels you won't get any use out of it but I really think you will.

    Number one the weather has been horrid and two - it really is the best thing to take on planes and traveling. it is light enough but still keeps you warm. I felt just like you but a few years later I have about 5 and I limit myself to one a year!

    1. Thank you for the tips Couldawouldashoulda -you have obviously been bitten by the bug SA :-)

  3. It looks stunning! I know what you mean about the cost etc. but having a GM is on my bucket list!


  4. Wonderful Shawl, wonderful pictures. Congrats. You live in the right climate, you will wear it a lot

    1. Thank you Windowsofvienna - I hope so! SA :-)

  5. As you mention that this is your first purchase of this kind of product, it would be helpful if you would describe it to readers a bit more: What does "GM" stand for? What is this made out of? What's the size? There is very little information here, but I'd like to learn more about why this was so appealing. You mention it's quite expensive, could you share information about the price point (if not by naming the price, then perhaps just by comparing it to the price of a new silk carre).

    1. Good points ssjd! GM = Grand Model PM = Petit Model. The shawls are 140cm x 140cm and made of 65%cashmere 35% silk. UK retail price when I bought this was £770 I think it is still the same and a 90cm silk twill is £280 so a big difference. Hope this helps. SA :-)

  6. Just one word to describe this - FABULOUS! It is a great design and although the GMs are 'spensive, on a cost per wear basis they are great value. I wore one every day from November till about 3 weeks ago! If you do the maths, they are a bargain (that's what I tell myself anyway) LOL

  7. Hi cvw1004 - glad you like it! Yes I use your method of cost per wear too! I'm still worried that I am not getting the wear out of this though! SAx

  8. Hi hi, happy for you to chance upon this gorgeous shawl. I totally agree that Ex Libris en Kimonos is a must-have design! CW05 is actually my preferred colourway, but I never had the luck to find one and ended up getting one in CW06 (Vert/Turquoise/Rouge). Well, it grew on me right away! It's simply true that there is no such thing as a "bad" colourway of Hermes shawls ;) Congrats on a fab find!!