Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lake Garda

I spent a lovely week at Val di Sogno/Malcesine on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy at the beginning of May.  The weather was mixed but 10 degrees or more warmer than the UK!  It was beautiful...
View from my balcony :-)

Malcesine town

View of Limone across the lake

Malcesine Castello

View up the lake from the castle

View down the lake from the castle.

On the cable car up/down Monte Baldo.
Not only was it significantly cooler at the top of 
Monte Baldo, but it was very windy too!

View to the south of the lake.

A para-glider's paradise.

View to the north of the lake- Riva del Garda 
and Monte Brione.

Beautiful wild cowslips.

And wild crocus.
Verona - we went for the day but as I had a 
very nasty fall we had to leave as I could 
hardly walk.

The Arena di Verona - opera are held 
here in summer.

I just managed to hobble enough 
to see Juliet.  
The positive is that I will HAVE to go back again ;-)

We passed lots of vineyards on the way 
to/from Verona.

Sunset from our favourite restaurant in 
Val di Sogno

Some of the quaint streets of Malcesine.

Most houses had a vine growing 

The lovely orange tree at our hotel!

There were lots of lovely gardens around.

A road side chapel (can't think of a name for them)
I adore the cypress trees!


The castello from a view point between
the olive trees.

The town from the lake path.

A view of the lake as I flew home.


  1. Lovely pictures, i have been there a few years ago.was also very cold then. did you take your Hermes scarves with you? i almost did wear mine around the head.

    1. Hi Iris. No I didn't take any Hermes scarves with me - I always worry about losing them! I did buy a couple of the "in" triangle scarves with lace trim though, SA:-)

  2. Beautiful photos of what looks like a delightful holiday. How wonderful to go to Verona and see Juliet; so sorry to hear of your fall and I hope you are 'all better' now!

    1. Hi Patricia - hope you are well! Yes it was such a lovely holiday - can you believe I cried when I had to go home - I have not done that since I was a child! I keep thinking about it and I want feel like I want to pack in my job and go back right now and stay there forever LOL!! Yes thank you my knee is just about recovered, kneeling to garden is difficult but otherwise fine, SAxx

  3. Looks so picturesque! Lovely, thanks for sharing...


    1. Hi PP - it was bellissima! I wish I was back there now. SAxx

  4. Very picturesque indeed! I love the orange and cypress trees too, in fact I am going to try and plant some in my garden , even though I have been warned my climate might be too damp for them! we will see they do grow well sometimes in northern places... Elle x