Saturday, 31 August 2013

Remembering Diana

I can't believe it is 16 years since I got a phone call from a friend telling to "put the telly on" I couldn't believe my eyes at what I was seeing/ was one of those "where were you" moments - certainly the first in my lifetime.  Anyway I like to remember Diana when she was happy and enjoying herself as shown in the fabulous Testino portraits.  

Credit for all photos: Mario Testino


  1. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the terrible news. My friends and I couldn't believe it and was terribly sad!
    Thanks for these beautiful photos of Diana - she will always be remembered!
    Have a wonderful and HAPPY weekend :-)

  2. I've always loved these photos - so elegant especially in black and white.

    I still miss Diana and think of her often.


  3. These are also my favorite photos of Diana, thanks so much for posting. I think Testino really captured her essence, and she looks both relaxed and glamorous!