Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lunch at Petrus

I decided to try lunch at Petrus whilst in London following the Bolshoi ballet.....Petrus is one of the Gordon Ramsay chain and has 1 Michelin Star and ranks in the top 3 London restaurants on Tripadvisor.  The Chef Patron is Sean Burridge who I met after my lunch on a tour of the kitchen, which is an offer extended to guests if they wish.  I enjoyed my meal off the Set Lunch menu very much.
Some champagne to start - and they have proper
linen table cloths.

I like the textured rim on the plates

Amuse bouche of salmon tartare and 
pea mousse

Lovely bread.....and butter!

Starter - conift duck ravioli - divine!

Main - Ballotine of rabbit, ceps and fois gras
with kidney and broadbean - absolutely delcious!

A detail on my glass - funny what you notice!

Pre dessert - tuilles filled with a  white 
chocolate creme with spacedust popping 

The chef's famous chocolate sphere with milk 
ice cream and honeycomb - mine is melted
from the hot chocolate sauce - I was not 
quick enough to photograph it before the 
waiter poured the chocolate sauce but it
had gold painted on the surface.

Frozen icy truffles of some sort - very cold.

A parting "gift"..... of these - I cannot 
remember the name for this type 
of cake but it was yum!


  1. Looks lovely especially the predessert and the name for the last cake is bundt cake.

  2. Oh my! It looks DELICIOUS!! and I like the decor and Bollinger is my favourite champagne...this is one for the 'Bucket List'

    Thank you for sharing...


  3. Wow, the chocolate sphere looks amazing, and I can imagine the effect with gold paint, too.. a beautiful meal, and thanks for sharing.