Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace Part 1

Last summer I visited the new Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace.  It contains some fabulous 50's frocks from the Queen's collection as well as some clothes from the late Princess Margaret and the late Princess Diana....first we look at the Queen and Princess Margarets' dresses...

Kensington Palace - under wraps renovating
 the Palace ready for William and Kate to
move in.

Cushions depicting the royal inhabitants of KP!

Princess Diana's love of ballet reflected by ballet pointes on 
the walls.

The exhibition "title page".

A video palys on the wall - with 
"morphing" Queen/Margaret/Diana silhouettes.

Hartnell for the Queen.

Fabulous beading details.

Another typical 50' style dress 
for the Queen.

complete with more exquisite embroidery 
and beading.

All the Queen's dresses.

Frilly back.

One of Margaret's dresses - I like 
the halter style.

Elegant 50's day wear.

Margaret's fur coat!

Think these were 70's styles for 

Margaret's famous Maharaja outfit....

......the ornate headdress to match.

More day wear and evening gown - Margaret's I think.

More ornate embroidery and beading.

The Queen's dresses again..

The cabinet of all the Queen's dresses - a 
pretty impressive opener to the exhibition!

A cabinet full of glamour!

The cabinets allow the viewer to see
the dresses from all angles.

The backs of the dresses were
as glam as the fronts!

The beading on this dress was 
fabulous.  Really fit for a Queen!

Next time we will look at Princess Diana's dresses which were on show.


  1. So gorgeous SA, many thanks for sharing your visit with us. Love all the tone-on-tone, soft color palettes. Looking forward to part II. :-) NN

    1. Thank you NN the colours are even lovelier IRL. SAx

  2. How lovely are the Queen's and Margaret's gowns. They did have tiny little waists, didn't they. The Hartnell dress is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for showing us - I had not heard about this exhibition. It is wonderful the gowns are all kept for posterity.

    1. Hi Patricia - hope you are well - yes the dresses had tiny waists but I always think the Queen and Margaret were a bit "top heavy" too LOL! The Hartnell dresses are fabulous to see - like the Queen's Coronation dress WOW! I will have to do a post on that some time. The exhibition is on for about a year I think. If you like Hartnell maybe you will like Charles James? There is a big retro coming on at The Met in New York in May 2014 I can't wait! SAx

  3. Hello Dear SA. All I can say is, wow. Such lovely details and style. Thank you for sharing. Hope all is well... xxS

    1. Hello SMR so lovely to hear from you - hope you are well, so glad you enjoyed the post! All is well here - busy busy busy - work has been truly manic all year and then lots to do on the precious time off but I did manage to tick a couple of things off the "bucket list" which is always great! SAxx