Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A little something new from Dior

I saw something rather lovely at Dior back in July at Harrods and it just had to come home with me...

What could be in the tissue paper?

Oh oh my fave colour...pink!!!

Yay and some lovely flowers with a jazzy border!

Flower detail.

The flower colours make this quite versatile.

The all important labels and name.

Pretty in pink and black.

Half bow knot with moyenne scarf ring.

Crossover knot with moyenne scarf ring


Here I just secured the scarf ends with my scarf 
ring and swung it round so the scarf ring lies on the 
side - it slips a bit but easy to push back up.

The same look just pulled round a bit further with 
longer ends pulled through the ring.

A butterfly knot made with a silver finger ring that I use as a scarf ring.  I think this looks very pretty.


  1. Oh my, that scarf is beautiful....I am having a major pink love-affair these days; would so love that gorgeous piece!

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you for your scarf love! The SA wasn't sure this would suit me but as soon as I put it on it was perfect (which I knew it would be LOL!) Hope you are well. SAxx

  2. I love it in the butterfly knot.

    1. Hi Margaret! Thank you - the butterfly knot is one of my favourites and gives such a pretty look I highly recommend it! SA:-)

  3. I wasn't sure when I saw it laid flat out but when worn I love it!

    I'm going to try a butterfly knot today, very pretty....


    1. Hi PP, thank you and yes give the Butterfly a go it's so easy and gives such a lovely look! SAx

  4. What a stunning scarf love the different ways you can wear this

  5. This is SO beautiful!! Now I want to check out the moyenne scarf ring