Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Maxi Twilly Triple Knot How To

Following on from the last post here is a How To guide to make the triple knot necklace look with your MT.

This is the finished look.  To achieve it:-
Find centre of scarf and tie a single 
knot at that spot then tie 2 more knots 
either side about 20cm from the centre 
or wherever you want the knots to sit.  
Place scarf around neck and allow the 
tails to hang down the front as in the 
next picture.

Take end of scarf and pass through 
the knot, pull so it sits neatly.

Repeat on opposite side.
Now take one end of the scarf and 
pass through the central knot.

Repeat with the other loose end 
so you have created a 
crossover/bypass  knot in effect.

Pull the ends so they sit neatly like a 
necklace and the ends tail nicely.  Ta Da!


  1. Oh such a good Idea! LOVE these Knot!

  2. This is a brilliant knot! It makes it like a necklace and secure to wear....great idea.

    Thanks for sharing...PPx

    P.S. love the pop of colour with this colourway!

  3. This is a great tutorial for tying scarves. I'm terrible at it but love wearing them Thanks for the great tips. Have you checked out the scarves offered by They are my favorite designer. Plus, they have awesome tips too. Glad I found your site. I'll be checking back again soon.

  4. triple knot seems now easy ...! thanks!!

  5. Please show me how to tie a butterfly knot . Thanks

    1. Visit this page of the blog for instructions and video. SA

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