Sunday, 5 January 2014


Last October I spent a few days in the South of France and whilst there I was able to find a Maxi Twilly - first off I got a red Brazil but then in Monaco they had a red Cavalcadours so I swapped the Brazil as it was a bit too bright for my liking.  I believe that for 2014 there will be 3 designs - nothing amazing though just some golden oldies rolled out again...Brides de Gala,Astrologies and Kachinas (the only one a bit different) I guess Hermes play safe but it is borderline boring as they always revert to BDG for anything new...sigh.  Anyway lets see the Maxi Twilly:-
The cylinder shape box

The MT comes with a wearing guide.

Some suggestions.


Simple single knot.

Weave knot.

Big floppy bow.

With a Friendship Knot.

Worn long and loosely tied.

Triple neck wrap.

Double neck wrap worn long/loose.

Worn with scarf ring to tie.

Butterfly Knot works well!

With a Half Ascot Knot.

Another floppy bow.
Basic Crossover with Shawl ring.

Half Bow with scarf ring.

I created this look using 3 knots to to follow!


  1. The above knots are by far the best ones I have seen!
    Your MaxiT nowhere looks like "too long strip of silk" which I have seen around...
    Totally agree the other remarks, also hope that we will finally have some good&strong neutrals, as I find many of the designs have had too bright colours for years now or have been unimpressive (my opinion only, maybe H has made many people around happy, with that new colour direction).
    Enjoy your new scarf, I do not have MT and will be looking forward to your least something...
    With best regards,

    1. Hi M - I tried very hard to do shorter looks as I cannot cope with long sitting at a desk all day - glad you like the ideas! Thank you SAx

  2. Your Maxi Twilly is so beautiful, dear Scarf Addict!

  3. Oh how beautiful, enjoy... I love all of the creative knotting too! The butterfly knot is my fave.


    1. Hi Elle - yep the butterfly is perhaps my fave too - it always looks good! SAx

  4. A beautiful scarf (would match my wardrobe really well) and the various ways to wear it are quite wonderful!

    1. Thank you Patricia! I really only used the same knots as for square scarves LOL! Glad you like anyway - hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year where you are. SAx