Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Paris - Hermes Windows

As you may have seen elsewhere the current display at Hermes 24 Faubourg St Honore is pretty spectacular as usual!

Seen during the day the Hermes Horseman.

The Village Royal on the way to FSH.

I take my photos at night which lessens the 
reflections! Hermes crockery.

The big corner window was full of amazing

Flamingos and Kellys!

Where do they get their props from?!

The corner window in full.

Hermes jewellery.

The pink window.

Not much you cannot do with a saddle eh?!


  1. The overall effect is lovely - thank you for sharing - it's just a shame the service doesn't match the product...

  2. Hi PP - glad you liked! Hmm H can be a bit hit and miss indeed! SAx