Friday, 6 February 2015

New York

Currently I am sat at home with a sprained ankle after a bad fall in which I also banged my head and everything went black (and I STILL don't know how it happened) so I have some time to blog  - I made a return visit to New York in December 2014.  Christmas was well under way -  I know it is February of a new year now but can we have a quick rewind to December?!  

New York really knows how to celebrate Christmas even compared to London it was amazing!
The city looms in the distance at JFK airport
The traditional tree at the Rockefeller Centre.  
The crowds around the centre were unbelievable 
and the NYPD cops had to close the side roads 
at the weekend!

Another tree by offices on one of the 
Avenues - very similar to the Rockefeller tree!

Beautiful reindeer on top of the door 
canopy at one of the big hotels.

Wreaths and swags galore at Union Square Market.

Radio City Hall's multicolour changing tree - red...


and a mixture as it changes!

The huge Swarovski star at the Rockefeller Centre.

Christmas soldiers on 5th Avenue.

Golden decorations adorn this building.

Bloomingdales city skyline complete with 
Times Square ball!

The ball moved up and down and changed colour.

Louis Vuitton window (I think!)

A lovely tree in an office atrium.

Saks 5th Avenue store had magnificent  window displays

This lovely NY skyline dress caught 
my eye for its imaginative design.
A closer look at the sequins.

A huge tree in the red lit courtyard at 
The New York Palace Hotel.

Inside Saks 5th Avenue the store was decked out as a 
winter wonderland with frosty figures.  It reminded me of the 
wonderful Christmas displays I have seen at KaDeWe in Berlin.

Another look at the Rockefeller tree 
from the avenue of angels that they 
always have.  So pretty.

The Rockefeller Centre had lots of 
toy soldiers "on guard"

Inside Radio City Hall they had this 
beautiful twirling crystal Christmas 
tree suspended above the foyer.

The Radio City Hall stage - looking like a radio set, this is one huge 
stage and theatre!

The Radio City Christmas spectacular 
was just that SPECTACULAR!

Santa's Christmas stockings...aka 
The Rockettes showing a leg or two!

The Rockettes.

The Sugar Plum Fairy - not quite as I know her LOL!

These cute bears were part of the "Nutcracker"!

The famous Rockette soldiers.

Doing a star turn.

Then their party piece falling very slowly like dominoes.

I do not know how on earth the girls managed this but it was incredible to watch!

Nearly there!

All fall down!

Next the Rockettes took us on a sight seeing tour of NYC!

High kicks!

Hundreds of dancing Santas.

A real camel appeared in the nativity!

It was really nice to include the Nativity in the show.  
The story line throughout the show  was a teenager 
who didn't believe in Santa or the magic of Christmas so Santa 
and his little brother set out to change his mind.

The Curtain Call.   I was sceptical about going to see the show 
but seeing as it is a NY tradition I had to go and I was so 
happy that I went -  I loved every minute of it and would highly 
recommend it to anyone going to NY around Christmas.  
The special effects were truly spectacular and the Rockettes were great.

Bryant Square tree decked out in red, white and blue.

Decorations on sale in the Christmas
market at Bryant Park.

2 Salvation Army Cadets were dancing their hearts out outside 
Bloomingdales they were great and certainly pulled in the donations too!

From the Bees Gees Staying Alive to Feliz Navidad they were great. 

Cartier's new building on 5th Avenue - sorry 
not quite as nice as their old one with a proper 
ribbon, they've gone LED now!

Huge candy canes adorn the back of Bergdorf Goodman.

One of BG's windows  this one is captioned 
"Film"  - the theme was the arts.



"Architecture" this one was fabulous close up.
If you view this photo large you can see more detail. 
Just click on the photos to bring them up larger.

Van Cleef & Arpels (I think)


The Tiffany Christmas lights design
incorporated the yellow Tiffany Diamond

One of Tiffany's windows with moving skaters.  If you look closely
you will see it is a mini version of the Rockefeller tree and skating rink!

And the tree inside Tiffanys in Tiffany blue.


  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, dear H., and I hope you feel better soon!
    NYC really does the holidays well - I was there late in November to see the Mikhailovsky, and the Bergdorf's windows were really great.
    Any little silky souvenirs to share? I did some shopping in Paris for Christmas, but I'm not at all like the Spring collection, which I guess is good for my wallet...

    1. Hi SophieG - no SS15 isn't doing much for me either, I have just seen a GM but it is a lot of £$€!! Oh the Mikhailovsky I love them hope you did! I did indeed pay a visit to Madison Av....thank you for the get well wishes! SAx

  2. The Cartier store that you saw is just their temporary location while their flagship store (a beautiful 19th-century mansion a few blocks further south on Fifth Avenue) is being renovated. I believe it re-opens in 2016.

    1. Hi Anon - glad to hear it! Roll on 2016 then! SA:-)

  3. New York at Christmastime is magical. Your photos are fabulous!

    1. Hello No Sacrifice - thank you so much! SA :-))

  4. Thank you for a most enjoyable look at Christmas in New York. No wonder it is the theme in so many movies; they do it so well! Love the NY skyline dress, and all the soldiers, both on stage and on the streets. So sorry about your ankle, and I do hope it mends well, and soon.

    1. Hi Patricia - hope you are well! Thank you for the get well wishes, its getting there slowly! So glad you enjoyed the NY Christmas photos! It really was a fun time to be in NY except around the very busy Rockefeller on the weekend it was almost dangerous with soooo many folks milling around. SAx

  5. Glad you're on the mend but chuffed you found the time to share your wonderful photos of a magical trip to NYC!! I don't really like Christmas but these photos are lovely!


  6. Hi PP - thank you! Glad you liked the look of NY at Christmas it really was WOW! SAxx

  7. So sorry to hear about your fall and poor ankle, hope you are better soon. Really enjoyed these photos, they are great. Christmas in NY looks amazing.

    1. Hi Blighty - yes well on the mend now thank you! So glad you liked the photos. NYC is amazing anyway but at Christmas it's even better! SAx