Friday, 13 February 2015

Union Square Market & New York Higher End Shops

Whenever I am in NYC I do always try to get to Union Square Market - I love it there and Saturday is a great day to go when I think more stalls appear than early in the week.  

Walking by the little park I saw some squirrels 
who looked really cosy despite the chilly weather!

This one was intent on cracking the nut!

I love seeing beautifully presented vegetables!

Fresh breads.

Anyone for root veg?

A variety of squashes.

Christmas wreaths of every size and cost!

A sheep farm sold its merino wool in
lots of shades.

Lovely ornamental gourds.

A lovely dried flower shop.

The bouquets of dried flowers were so pretty.
This little cone of flowers came home with me!  
(Think ice cream shape)
Being fragile I managed to buy a tough box 
especially for it from the wonderful Container Store!  
I took a photo of the shop name to remind me!

Fabulous brightly coloured cranberries!
Lots of little dogs were out shopping
with their owners.

A good view of the ESB can be
had from Union Square.

On 14th is this store - it has everything
you could possibly need for parties....

...for every occasion.... every colour...

...and matching gift bags and paper etc!

Another little dog - this one in his
dinosaur onesie!

Moving Uptown to Madison Av - the Hermes
horseman was flying his flags.

I should know the name of this scarf but I don't!

Lovely windows at Hermes.

A miniature SoL on a side street.

A lovely patisserie somewhere - yum!
Handbags anyone?

No, I'll take the diamonds please!


  1. Mmm, I love New York too - there are so many sights and sounds to enjoy, and your collection does it wonderfully well. I'll take the diamonds too, thank you!