Saturday, 25 July 2015

Recent Acquisitions 2

I am going away for a couple of days tomorrow, however I have another post for you to enjoy.  So one of the next scarves I got was a vintage La Reale.  I had to wash this one when it came as it had a strong smell of perfume (and still does) and one or two marks that have come with its age, however it is much better for the wash I gave it!  The silk is beautifully soft and has the feel more of the 70cm scarves that you can buy today.  Whilst the colours are not the best for me I wanted a La Reale in my collection and for the price I paid this met the requirement nicely.

La Reale
Some close ups of the scarf detail.

Some ideas of how to wear the scarf - here mainly simple drapes 

and some knots using a scarf ring.


  1. Fine, decent, wearable, nice - I always loved La Reale and have been looking for something like such colouring, never found it. Enjoy your perfect scarf which you can wear always and wherever. Maria

    1. Hi Maria - I did think of you when I found this one as I know you were after one. Which colourway do you like? SAxx

    2. Wow, I have to say I adore a pirate, and when he comes on a lovely silk scarf, well, that is perfect :) You will enjoy wearing this new acquisition!

    3. After "strong" colours, a neutral La Reale is something I did not know even existed! Perfect colouring - like I said, can be used always and anyhwere which is an important quality of the scarf+fabulous design. Congrats. Good find! Maria

    4. Thank you Maria and Patricia! SAx

  2. This scarf looks so lovely and soft and the colours are so subtle, unusual colours I would think for this design. I also have an older La Reale, it's nice and soft too but the colours are green and red, so it has become my Christmas scarf.